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What are the Different Types of Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans are similar to Original Medicare except that your Medicare Part A and B coverage are through a private company instead of Medicare. Here are some of the options for this coverage. Continue reading

Affordable Premiums, Many Services with Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan L

Humana’s Medicare Supplement Insurance plans usually differ in their approach, but there are many similarities between Plan K and Plan L. The following items are covered by Plan L from Humana, but are not offered with Plan K. Not all of your options are going to be below, but many that you may have to use are. Continue reading

Lower Premiums Possible with Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan K from Humana

Humana’s Plan K Medicare Supplement Insurance plan helps people that don’t have much money set aside for a monthly premium. An out-of-pocket limit exists if you have a large injury or illness, but otherwise you pay percentages of your coverage instead of paying all of your costs. Some highlights of the plan are below, note that when you reach the cap for the plan you are covered at 100%: Continue reading

Exclusive to Connecticut: Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G

The states do have rights, even though it is true that Medicare is a federally funded insurance program. Medigap insurance that there is a demand for will get use from the special plans offered in some states for Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage. Humana Insurance offers only to Connecticut residents the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G. Continue reading

A Miracle for the “Out-of-Pocket” Blues, Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

The out-of-pocket cost of insurance is the biggest concern for most people when looking to buy an insurance policy. Paying a slightly higher premium month in and month out is a better option for some than having to pay a lump sum all at once. The Medicare Supplement Plan F from Humana Insurance will give you peace if you are in this type of situation. Continue reading

A Dream for Planners, Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan C

Planning for the unexpected is allowed with this Humana Medicare Supplement Plan, which doesn’t sound like it makes any sense. You can enjoy yourself more when you are having a good time knowing that you are prepared for any possible scenario that life can throw. The highlights of Medicare Supplement Plan C from Humana are listed below: Continue reading

Getting More than the Basics with Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan B for Humana Insurance

Your Medicare coverage will be assisted with the kind help of the Medigap policy that you choose to purchase from some lucky company. One more option is given in Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan B from Humana to give it a little extra assistance. In the event that you are struggling with your deductible this will give additional coverage for hospitalization from Medicare Part A. Continue reading

The Basics of Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan A

When you need help with Medicare needs you need to look in to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans or Medigap plans. Many companies can offer these plans and they must comply with the rules set forth by the government, which controls Medicare. Humana is one of these companies and they have many plans to offer, here is a little bit about Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan A from Humana. Continue reading

Medigap Regulations for Wisconsin

Wisconsin, like a few other states, has made a couple of adjustments to their Medigap regulations to assist people who might need the coverage.  These regulations are put in place to ensure that the state is doing its best to protect the individuals that rely on Medicare coverage every day.  Remember, these are regulations for those that provide Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) coverage, not Medicare coverage. Continue reading

Minnesota Medigap Regulations

Depending on the state that you have your Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) in there may be guidelines for your insurer to follow.  These guidelines that are set forth by the state are set so that you are protected in situations where the state may feel Medicare falls short.  There are a few that are different in Minnesota from any other state that you should be aware of. Continue reading

Medicare Supplement Insurance Laws in Massachusetts

Insurance laws and rules are generally handled on the state level with the federal government stepping in from time to time.  For this reason there are some states that have laws that are a bit different than others may be.  Massachusetts is one of the states where some Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) laws or requirements will be a little bit different.  Here are the main things to remember with Massachusetts Medigap policies: Continue reading

Medigap Policies are Guaranteed Renewable

Insurance policies are very important to people that have conditions that they live with every day and must struggle to get through life with.  For these people some of the biggest fears in their lives have to do with losing their insurance coverage and this is where the government makes things easy.  All Medigap policies that are offered to Medicare users are guaranteed renewable, meaning few things can end your policy. Continue reading

What are Medigap Guaranteed Issue Rights?

The health insurance industry has become famous in recent history for trying to deny claims based on certain information to make things tougher on the general population.  Denying claims based on pre-existing conditions or denying you coverage based on the same has become something that the government is eliminating.  In this vein there are the “Guaranteed Issue Rights” that you are given when you get a Medigap policy. Continue reading

What is Medigap Open Enrollment?

When you have the opportunity to enroll in Medigap coverage for the first time there will be an “open enrollment period” for you.  This is a time in which you can enroll in a Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) plan that will supplement your original Medicare policy.  There are a few things that you should know about the Medigap Open Enrollment period that could affect your decisions. Continue reading

What happens to my Medigap policy if I join a Medicare Advantage Plan?

There are many benefits to having a Medicare Advantage Plan, starting with the fact that all your coverage options are kept under one plan.  This can be very helpful to keep from having to remember what is covered under different parts of Medicare and Medigap policies.  However, if you happen to join a Medicare Advantage Plan after you have a Medigap policy you may be wasting your money.  Continue reading

What happens if I move out of state and have a Medicare Select policy?

Some insurance coverage options and types of insurance will require that you live in a certain area to be able to take advantage of certain benefits.  Medicare SELECT policies are like this as some of what you have available to you could change if you happen to move out of the area.  There are a few options you may have if you move out of the area and need help with your Medicare SELECT plan. Continue reading

Can I keep my current Medigap policy if I move out-of-state?

Having the right Medicare and Medigap coverage can be stressful if you are relying on the coverage to help you stay healthy.  As more and more conditions and ailments pop up in your life you want to make sure that you are still covered if things get worse.  With this being the case you need to make sure that your Medigap policy is still effective in certain situations, one being when you happen to move out of state. Continue reading

More Reasons You May Want to Switch Medigap Policies

As has been established, there are good reasons from time to time that you may want to switch Medigap policies to cover your needs.  You may not need the same coverage you had before and you may need more of it, either way you will have to change to meet your demands.  Here are two more situations you may find yourself in where you may have to switch your Medigap policy to accommodate. Continue reading

Why would I want to switch to a different Medigap policy?

Medigap policies can be a savior when you are in a situation in which your Medicare coverage will not cover your needs.  Being able to pay a monthly premium to ensure that your finances will survive an emergency medical need is a good thing.  However, from time to time there may be reasons to want to change or switch your Medigap policy and here are two of them: Continue reading

Do I have to wait a certain length of time after I buy my first Medigap policy before I can switch to a different Medigap policy?

The nature of insurance coverage makes it so that many small, seemingly unimportant rules cloud the understanding of the coverage.  The biggest instance of this with health insurance is the understanding of pre-existing conditions and why they are important for insurance companies.  This will be one of the biggest issues to consider before you switch your Medigap policy. Continue reading

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