What happens if I move out of state and have a Medicare Select policy?

Some insurance coverage options and types of insurance will require that you live in a certain area to be able to take advantage of certain benefits.  Medicare SELECT policies are like this as some of what you have available to you could change if you happen to move out of the area.  There are a few options you may have if you move out of the area and need help with your Medicare SELECT plan.

  1. You could buy a standardized Medigap policy that offers equal or lesser benefits to your Medicare SELECT policy.  This won’t be the ideal solution, but it could help you continue on with very little interruption in your life.  Also, if you have had your Medicare SELECT policy for more than six months you won’t have to answer any Medical questions to change.
  2. You have a guaranteed issue right to buy Medigap Plan A, B, C, F, K, or L that is sold in most states by any insurance company.  This is again possibly not the exact option that you wanted but it could help you in the situation you are in.  Just research to see which one of these policies could possibly suit you the most and do what you have to do to be covered.

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