Do You Qualify for “Premium-Free Part A” Medicare Coverage?

Paying for healthcare or Medicare coverage is expensive enough and you don’t want to be paying for it when you don’t have to.  That’s why it is important to know if you qualify for what is called “Premium-Free Part A” Medicare coverage.  There are a few instances in which this applies and you can find out if you qualify below. Continue reading

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Included for Some People Automatically

When you are enrolling in your Medicare coverage you often have to decide what coverage parts you want to apply to you and what parts you don’t.  This isn’t the same with some people who carry Medicare because Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B may be automatically included.  There are a few scenarios in which this is always the truth and they are outlined below. Continue reading

3 Facts About Medicare Enrollment 2013

It is that time of year for Medicare subscribers (and all those that carry health insurance) to enroll for the coming year’s coverage.  There are many things that stay the same with your coverage from year-to-year and this may not be a surprise to you.  However, it is important to remember the following three things about Medicare enrollment 2013. Continue reading

Medicare Has Had Successes from 2010 Affordable Care Act

Medicare is just about underway with 2013 enrollment and subscribers have been receiving booklets of information detailing the process.  One of the first things that stands out about this booklet is that Medicare takes time to show how the 2010 Affordable Care Act has been successful for Medicare and America.  Here are some improvements people with Medicare have seen so far because of this law according to the Federal Government: Continue reading

The Blue Button on and What it Means to You

Insurance companies are constantly trying to improve the level of service they provide to customers even if it means a lot of work on new products and services. In 2012 Medicare is trying to improve service on their website with the “Blue Button” that should help with navigation. Your information and previous records will be much easier to access with this tool. You can logon from anywhere at any time and be able to access your medical history, health care providers and medications. Continue reading

Accountable Care Organizations are New in 2012 for Medicare

A new buzz term that Medicare is starting in 2012 is that of an Accountable Care Organization, or an ACO. This option will appear for the first time this year and will act as a way to try to get insurance companies and healthcare providers on the same page. This is exactly what is needed to help curtail some of the healthcare debates of the last few years. Continue reading

Medicare Part D Coverage Gap: What Matters?

Knowing what does or does not count towards the Medicare Part D coverage gap is almost as hard as understanding what it is in the first place. It is important to you, however, to know what this gap is and what counts towards it to ensure you aren’t paying double for your prescription drugs. Here is a little guide towards what does count for the coverage gap:

  • You get a discount on brand-name drugs in the coverage gap and this counts towards closing the coverage gap.
  • You can also include what you pay while you are in the coverage gap to help you navigate your way out of the coverage gap.
  • Every covered payment you make during the year goes towards closing the coverage gap as well. This means that your copayments, coinsurance and even your deductibles will help you to close this coverage gap.

You should note that you cannot count your monthly premiums towards your coverage gap as those are not considered. Although it is obvious that almost everything else you have to pay for will be a part of this coverage gap for you.

Medicare Part D Coverage and the Coverage Gap in 2012

When prescription medication becomes vital to your everyday health you do not need the added concern of being able to afford your prescriptions. Medicare has long made this nightmare possible with the Coverage D coverage gap or “donut hole” but this is being shrunk as we speak. The coverage gap is regularly fading as it nears complete removal by 2020. Continue reading

Be Aware of Medicare False Billing Schemes

Medicare fraud is on the rise as is fraud related to any type of insurance company as the economy continues to struggle. As a Medicare subscriber it is important that you are aware of the fraud that exists and be diligent to try to stop it. There is one particular type of fraud that occurred with Medicare this year that caused 111 people to be charged by the FBI. Continue reading

Calling 1-800-MEDICARE, When to Share Your Personal Information

Medicare fraud is rampant these days, as is fraud with just about any other type of insurance or insurance company.  The reason is that people are struggling with the down economy to make ends meet and insurance companies always seem to have plenty of money.  There are ways to protect yourself against fraud, one being when to share your personal information over the phone and when not to. Continue reading

When Does Medicare Not Pay First?

When insurance companies have to deal with splitting the cost of care it can get a little bit nasty and confusing.  Insurance companies are notorious for not wanting to pay for things and this is especially true when other insurance companies are involved.  Medicare is a little different since it is run by the government so there are some situations where the other insurance will always come first.  These situations include:

You have Medicare; are still working; and are covered by your employer’s health insurance plan.  In this case your Medicare coverage will come after your employer’s play because you have access to an employer plan.  This coverage is going to come first because Medicare does not come before other plans that are available that you are eligible for.

You have Medicare, are retired, but your spouse is working and has a health plan that also covers you.  This is very similar to the first one because you have access to private health insurance coverage that other Medicare subscribers may not.  Medicare needs to take care of those that are otherwise not covered first.

You are injured on the job, in an automobile accident, or slip and fall at a shopping center (worker’s compensation, auto insurance or liability insurance may cover the cost of medical care related to the accident).  This is a way of Medicare making the private insurance companies step up to pay first.  Private insurance companies won’t argue because they do not want to start any disputes with the federal government.

Medicare Adds Obesity as a Covered Service

The newest issue that is gripping our society is obesity and insurance companies are starting to join the fray to combat its spread. Medicare has joined the insurance world’s approach to covering and combating obesity in 2012 by making it a covered service. Obesity screening and counseling are now covered services that you can get help with when you have Medicare as your primary insurance provider. Continue reading

Medicare Now Covers Depression

People in the medical community have long made a link between chemicals in the body and depression, but the real changes to care have happened since the condition has been accepted in mainstream society. Another step in that direction was taken this year when Medicare started covering some depression screenings and services under Part B. Recognizing this as a covered service gives many people the right to get help that never could before. Continue reading

New Medicare Covered Services: Alcohol Misuse

As medicine continues to evolve so does the care that it requires and this in turn causes insurance companies to evaluate their covered services. Medicare Part B has added three new covered services in 2012 to help to be able to extend a helping hand to their customers. One of the three new covered services is alcohol misuse and some facts about it are listed below. Continue reading

Medicare Advantage Enrollment: Special Circumstances

Some instances are out there where you can make changes to a Medicare Advantage Plan, though they are few and far between. Don’t listen to the naysayers that will try to divert you from changes that are possible because your situation may demand change. The following are a few instances in which you could make changes to a Medicare Advantage Plan after enrollment has taken place. Continue reading

What Can’t You Do During the Medicare Advantage Special Enrollment Period?

You know that you can make some changes to your Medicare Advantage
Plan from January 1st to February 14th, but what changes are not
allowed? Here is a look at a few things that you cannot do during
this time: Continue reading

Can Changes be made to a Medicare Advantage Plan after December 7th?

Medicare, or any health insurance company for that matter, is pretty
rigid about the dates that a plan can start or stop. As a policy
holder your responsibility is to abide by these rules and make sure
that your coverage is valid. As a Medicare Advantage Plan holder you
would be smart to know the options available if you missed the open
enrollment plan or wanted to change your options. Continue reading

Dates to Join, Switch or Drop a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2012

Those who have a Medicare Advantage Plan know that it is a good
alternative to a normal Medicare plan, though it is still basically
the same plan. The big difference is that it is run and administered
by a private company that follows the same rules. There are some
rules about when you can join or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan and
they are discussed here. Continue reading

Medicare Changes Open Enrollment Period for 2012

Medicare is constantly trying to change their processes and plans to
better serve their clients that intend to use the service. One way in
which that has changed for 2012 is that Medicare’s Open Enrollment
period has been moved up and extended. What you need to know about
these new dates is listed below for your consumption. Make notes so
you don’t miss the opportunity to get on Medicare. Continue reading

Skilled Nursing Care is Covered by Medicare

There are many different ways that you can get someone to take care of you or a loved one when the situation merits the care. Not all situations provide the same level of care and this is what you should be aware of when the situation calls for intense care. Medicare does cover skilled nursing care and if you are wondering what that means it is defined below. Continue reading

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