West Virginia Medicaid

West Virginia Medicaid Program: An Overview of the Medicaid System in West Virginia

Living in West Virginia as with other states in the United States of America can provide you with great medical assistance programs that can cover your entire or almost all of your medical bills.

This can be quite convenient as the constant rise of cost in healthcare is indeed a burden which leaves people in financial instability or even in debt. With a program like Medicaid, you can be sure that you and your family will be able to afford medical expenses that you may incur in the future.

First of all, Medicaid is a state and federal government funded medical assistance program. Because the state government is also participating in the funding of this medical assistance program, you have to consider that the laws and eligibility as well as the qualification rules for Medicaid will vary from state to state.

What this means is that what may make you eligible for Medicaid in one state may make you ineligible in another state. So, if you plan on moving to West Virginia, it helps that you should know something about the Medicaid program offered in this state. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get qualified for one in West Virginia.

You also need to be aware that there were certain changes in West Virginia concerning the Medicaid state plan they provide. West Virginia is now becoming one of the first states to implement new options in the DRA or the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Under the changes in its Medicaid program, it changed the benefit package for children and parents. Also, the parents will sign a member agreement for themselves and also on behalf of their children in order for them to gain access to specific benefits that the Medicaid program in West Virginia provides.

Thanks to these changes, the state of West Virginia is now emphasizing the responsibility and personal empowerment to its citizens. It also helps its Medicaid members or beneficiaries receive the right care at the right time with the right provider. In 2006, the Governor in West Virginia stated that these certain changes will not only improve the services and the benefits offered by Medicaid, but it will also help in bringing down costs while at the same time, prevent any diseases.

However, because of the changes, there are certain benefits that will not be given to adults, which includes the non-mandatory benefits. This is because the basic plan in West Virginia Medicaid is limited to that state’s benefit package. Although some people may have healthcare needs beyond the limits of the basic and enhanced Medicaid plans, you have to consider that the state has described the parents and children affected are generally healthy. This means that the ones affected by the changes are the people who don’t really need healthcare services.

The State of West Virginia is undergoing a lot of changes regarding its Medicaid program. The state sees that by pursuing these changes, it will be able to improve the coordination of care and also help bring down the cost of running the program.

These are some of the things you should know about West Virginia Medicaid. Thanks to the DRA, and the changes made in the Medicaid program, you will see that West Virginia is now providing better healthcare programs through Medicaid. In fact, because of the changes, a lot of states are now following suit.

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