What are Medigap Guaranteed Issue Rights?

The health insurance industry has become famous in recent history for trying to deny claims based on certain information to make things tougher on the general population.  Denying claims based on pre-existing conditions or denying you coverage based on the same has become something that the government is eliminating.  In this vein there are the “Guaranteed Issue Rights” that you are given when you get a Medigap policy.

Guaranteed issue rights are sometimes referred to as “Medigap Protections” as they are things that have been set up to protect you and others.  These rights are guaranteed to  you by law from companies that sell or offer you a Medigap policy.  Failure for a company to comply could result in fines or possibly even the loss of the ability to sell the policies.

Some of the more well known guaranteed issue rights have to do with removing exclusions for pre-existing conditions and charging you for past or present health problems.  If you feel you have been denied these rights you should speak to your local social security office about the alleged transgression.  If you don’t feel you got the right response then it would be time to get an attorney involved.

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