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Do You Qualify for “Premium-Free Part A” Medicare Coverage?

Paying for healthcare or Medicare coverage is expensive enough and you don’t want to be paying for it when you don’t have to.  That’s why it is important to know if you qualify for what is called “Premium-Free Part A” Medicare coverage.  There are a few instances in which this applies and you can find out if you qualify below. Continue reading

3 Facts About Medicare Enrollment 2013

It is that time of year for Medicare subscribers (and all those that carry health insurance) to enroll for the coming year’s coverage.  There are many things that stay the same with your coverage from year-to-year and this may not be a surprise to you.  However, it is important to remember the following three things about Medicare enrollment 2013. Continue reading

Medicare Has Had Successes from 2010 Affordable Care Act

Medicare is just about underway with 2013 enrollment and subscribers have been receiving booklets of information detailing the process.  One of the first things that stands out about this booklet is that Medicare takes time to show how the 2010 Affordable Care Act has been successful for Medicare and America.  Here are some improvements people with Medicare have seen so far because of this law according to the Federal Government: Continue reading

Accountable Care Organizations are New in 2012 for Medicare

A new buzz term that Medicare is starting in 2012 is that of an Accountable Care Organization, or an ACO. This option will appear for the first time this year and will act as a way to try to get insurance companies and healthcare providers on the same page. This is exactly what is needed to help curtail some of the healthcare debates of the last few years. Continue reading

What Can’t You Do During the Medicare Advantage Special Enrollment Period?

You know that you can make some changes to your Medicare Advantage
Plan from January 1st to February 14th, but what changes are not
allowed? Here is a look at a few things that you cannot do during
this time: Continue reading

Dates to Join, Switch or Drop a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2012

Those who have a Medicare Advantage Plan know that it is a good
alternative to a normal Medicare plan, though it is still basically
the same plan. The big difference is that it is run and administered
by a private company that follows the same rules. There are some
rules about when you can join or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan and
they are discussed here. Continue reading

Medicare Changes Open Enrollment Period for 2012

Medicare is constantly trying to change their processes and plans to
better serve their clients that intend to use the service. One way in
which that has changed for 2012 is that Medicare’s Open Enrollment
period has been moved up and extended. What you need to know about
these new dates is listed below for your consumption. Make notes so
you don’t miss the opportunity to get on Medicare. Continue reading

Home Health Care is Covered by Medicare

One type of medical care that you can get for your loved one through Medicare is that of Home Health Care if it is necessary. The term is defined by Medicare below word-for-word but you can rest easy that this coverage is quite easy to understand. After being recommended for this type of care by your primary care doctor you can get the home health assistance and move on with your life. Continue reading

When You can Switch, Drop or Join a Medicare Advantage Plan

If you are interested in getting a Medicare Advantage Plan you need to be aware of some of the obscure rules that may prevent you from doing so. Like any insurance plan there are certain times that you can enroll and other times that you cannot. Listed below are the times that you can drop, switch and join a Medicare Advantage Plan with no repercussions. Continue reading

Other Types of Medicare Advantage Plans

Many different variations of Medicare are available through different providers and different plans and you need to research all to see what is best for you. Medicare Advantage plans are plans that are offered through other providers aside from Medicare, though the coverage itself is basically the same. Instead of your Original Medicare (Parts A and B) being through Medicare they will be through these companies. Continue reading

What are the Different Types of Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans are similar to Original Medicare except that your Medicare Part A and B coverage are through a private company instead of Medicare. Here are some of the options for this coverage. Continue reading

What Happens When You Sign a Private Contract Outside of Medicare

Medicare providers must be approved by Medicare to provide you services and agree to the terms that Medicare sets forth. If you agree to be treated by someone that is not a part of Medicare this is a private contract that may not get some of the benefits of a regular contract. Here are some things to consider. Continue reading

What is Medicare Electronic Prescribing?

In some ways Medicare has been dreadfully behind the times when communicating between doctors and other healthcare providers with vital information. The technological times seemed to be lost on them as they didn’t keep up with the new ways to share information. One way in which they have improved this is with the advent of electronic prescribing between healthcare providers and your pharmacy. Continue reading

Medicare Improves Record Keeping with Electronic Health Records

One of the initiatives for Medicare over the next few years is to create more ways to better serve their subscribers and to streamline their processes. In some instances this is done by relationships with doctors and healthcare providers while at other times it is done by general recordkeeping. One way that Medicare has improved service over the last few years is with Electronic Health Records. Continue reading

New in Medicare 2012: Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

As Medicare continues to try to make themselves more accessible and beneficial to their subscribers they continue to make new programs that test new theories. In 2012 Medicare has started a new program called Accountable Care Organizations that will make a new approach for doctors and other healthcare providers. You can think of this approach as one that is trying to make the process a little easier and improve your experience. Continue reading

Options for Your Long Term Care in Medicare 2012

When it comes to considering long term care insurance or ways to pay for your long term care there are a few options that are always available. You could use your savings and choose exactly how to be cared for by being able to pay for it yourself. You could have separate long term care insurance or you may even have a local or community group that provides some of this coverage.
Some people may not have these options available to them and if not there are a few other things to consider. Continue reading

Could You Get a $1,000 Reward for Uncovering Medicare Fraud?

Insurance fraud in general is a big problem these days and this is no different for Medicare and the fraud that encompasses it. In order to combat this fraud and try to make people more vigilant against it the Medicare providers have decided to offer a $1,000 reward for anyone that stops fraud and meets the following criteria. You would first have to report the Medicare fraud by calling 1-800-MEDICARE or speaking to a Medicare representative yourself. Continue reading

New Medicare Special Enrollment Period

Starting December 8, 2011, you can switch to a 5-star Medicare Advantage Plan at any time during the year. You may be asking what a 5-star Medicare Advantage Plan is and it really is just as simple as the title of the process sounds. Medicare uses information from member satisfaction surveys, plans, and health care providers to give overall performance star ratings to plans. Continue reading

Medicare Open Enrollment 2012 has New Dates

In a continuing effort by Medicare to make your coverage more attainable and easy to use the dates for open enrollment have changed for 2012. The dates are earlier in 2011 so that you have more time to get a health or prescription drug plan for 2012. There are three main periods for you to be aware of and they are all three explained below with a little detail for you. Continue reading

Affordable Premiums, Many Services with Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan L

Humana’s Medicare Supplement Insurance plans usually differ in their approach, but there are many similarities between Plan K and Plan L. The following items are covered by Plan L from Humana, but are not offered with Plan K. Not all of your options are going to be below, but many that you may have to use are. Continue reading

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