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Legal Rights for Medicaid Recipients in Missouri

Imagine having medical services performed, thinking you are covered by Medicaid, but instead, finding out that you have a lien against you instead.

This has happened to some people in Missouri who have become part of a class action lawsuit to eliminate the liens and get the financial situation resolved.


The Plaintiffs in the case are claiming that the liens are against monies that are not compensation for past medical bills and services and the liens are a violation against the plaintiffs, who are asking the supreme court for help in settling the situation.


The court granted a Class Certification because the money in dispute which resulted in liens is Workers’ Compensation funding that several hundred individuals received after accidents or injuries that kept them from working.  Their contention is that the Workers’ Compensation payments, which mainly replace lost salary, have absolutely nothing to do with Medicaid benefits, which are for medical expenses.  Another reason for the class action suit is to be sure that all of the plaintiffs will be treated the same and treated fairly.


Medicaid has said that many of the claims should be barred due to the fact that the statute of limitations eliminates them from being able to participate in a class-action lawsuit.  The court ruled that this issue could be determined later, as well as issues of class certification.


In the meantime, this will be an interesting issue to watch.  It is not a situation that comes up often, however with cuts in Medicaid budgets and services, as well as  states who are dealing with tight budgets and fiscal cuts, issues – especially precedent-setting lawsuits such as this one – important precedents are being set for the future and could affect q great many people – even you.  If you need information regarding your rights regarding Medicare or Medicaid, not only can you check with www.medicare.gov and www.medicaid.gov, but also AARP, The Disability Law Center in your area and the Medicaid Legal Information Institute at Cornell University on the internet at topics.law.cornell.edu/wex/Medicaid.

Missouri Medicaid: Your Guide to Medicaid in Missouri

First of all, it is important to understand that Medicaid is entirely different from Medicare. Although Medicaid and Medicare are both funded by the government and are both health insurance programs, Medicaid is not automatic like Medicare. In Medicare, you will become automatically eligible when you reach the age of 65 or you become disabled.

To put it in other words, Medicare concentrates more on giving the benefits to the elderly and to the disabled. Also, Medicare is funded by the federal government which gets its funds from the taxes you pay. It is very much like your Social Security where you have every right to enjoy because you are one of the millions of people who are funding it during your working life.

In Medicaid, it is a health insurance program provided by both the state government and the federal government. In this health program, it concentrates more in providing financial security for individuals and families who are in the low income level group. You can think of this as a social welfare program that provides aid to less fortunate citizens in regards to medical needs.

You have to face the fact that in today’s day and age, the cost of medical care is constantly rising. With your low salary that is not even enough to get you and your family decent food, what more if medical emergencies arise?

Medicaid, unlike Medicare, is not entirely funded by the federal government. Also, it is not administered only by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or what most people know as CMS. Each state government shares in the funding and the administration of this health insurance program. And, there are states that allow and encourage the local community in each city and counties to participate and be actively involved in the funding of this health care program.

You also have to understand that each state was given the option whether they want to participate or not. Currently, every state is participating in this medical assistance program and some states have also given their own names for the program.

Since each state was given the option to participate, you have to understand that the eligibility rules and the requirements vary from state to state. However, the eligibility rules and requirements provided follow the guidelines established by the CMS offices.

In Missouri, the DSS or the Department of Social Services is the official state agency that is responsible for the administration of the Missouri Medicaid Program.

Currently, Missouri is participating in the Medicaid program and is providing help mainly for children living with low income families, low income individuals and families, the elderly, and the disabled.

Currently, the Missouri Medicaid Program is focusing on wellness, prevention, individual responsibility, improved heath outcomes, technology, evidence based practice, and efficient program operations.

You need to understand that aside from being in the low income group of people, you will also need to be a permanent resident in Missouri in order for you to benefit from the Medicaid program the state offers.

They also offer access to health care provided by Medicaid to people who are not in the eligibility category.

The state of Missouri offers mandatory Medicaid for the elderly, low income families, children, blind, disabled, pregnant women, the homeless, refugees and even for newborns with mothers currently enrolled in the Medicaid program.

In order to know more about the eligibility requirements, you may want to try and apply for Medicaid in Missouri. Here, you will have all the information you need and also find out which Medicaid program you qualify in.

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