Virginia Medicaid

The Virginia Medicaid System Beginner’s Guide

Medicaid coverage is available nationwide as a federal and state administered program. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met which may differ from state to state. If you are a resident of Virginia and want to learn more about applying for Virginia Medicaid coverage for yourself and/or your children, a good place to start is your local Department of Social Services. In the state of Virginia, there are four main groups who may be eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Medically Indigent Children and Pregnant Women fall under the MI group. In this group, eligibility requirements are 133% of the federal poverty level which makes it easier for individuals in this group to qualify. Low Income Families and Children, or LIFC, is the next group.

This group includes families with children and/or children of families who meet the particular income requirements as designated by the State of Virginia. Aged, Blind and Disabled, or ABD, is the third group which may qualify for Virginia Medicaid coverage. Long Term Care, or LTC, is the fourth group which falls under the Medicaid program. LTC is for those who require long-term home or inpatient care.

Individuals and families who qualify for full Medicaid coverage are able to get a variety of health related services. This may include inpatient and outpatient hospital care, doctor visits, diagnostic and laboratory tests, prescription medication, vision and dental care, mental health services and more. If you are approved for Virginia Medicaid, the caseworker assigned to you will explain exactly what is covered under the program.

The Virginia Medicaid application process can be quite time-consuming as it is rather lengthly. In addition to the written application, you will also need to provide a variety of documentation which includes proof of identity, income and residence. You will also be asked to submit bank account information for any savings and/or checking accounts that you have, and information about any assets you own such as real estate or vehicles. When you request a Medicaid application from the Department of Social Services, you will also be assigned a caseworker and given a checklist of necessary documentation you will need to bring to your followup appointment.

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