Medicare Part B

Preventive Services and Senior Risk Reduction with Medicare

The role of health insurance is changing across the world as people continue to put more of a premium on the importance of being covered.  Instead of simply saying that you should take care of yourself and go to the doctor, many health insurance companies are taking initiative.  This is the case with Medicare and Pfizer Health Solutions along with StayWell Health Management in programs they are running together. Continue reading

When are Hepatitis B Shots Covered by Medicare?

It is possible to try to prevent Hepatitis B and the way to go about it is to get yourself a screening for the potential of Hepatitis B.  You may not know what these reasons are that you could get it but your doctor will and some of it is outlined briefly below.  As you do not want to deal with the effects of Hepatitis B on your own it is highly recommended that you get this screening if you fall in to the following groups. Continue reading

Does Medicare Cover Glaucoma Testing?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that will affect more and more people as they reach the senior stages of life.  Testing regularly for glaucoma is a good idea, but you may want to see what your insurance will cover before you start.  For those reading this that are on Medicare you should know that you can be screened every 12 months for glaucoma under your benefits. Continue reading

Does Medicare Cover EKG?

The initial exam that you receive when you first start your Medicare coverage is very important so you don’t want to miss it.  The “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam is important for many different reasons starting with your possible health issues.  Heart disease is one thing screened for with the welcome exam and you will get this screening in the form of an EKG. Continue reading

Medicare Deductibles on the Rise in 2011

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Medicare deductibles in 2011 have risen slightly from where they were in 2010 and before.  These slight increases are quite common and are usually referred to as cost of living increases to reflect the changes in income.  What you should be aware of is that your deductibles for Part B beneficiaries have raised slightly from $155 to $162 from the 2010 agreement to 2011. Continue reading

How is Medicare Structured?

Many people who are in the process of becoming eligible for Medicare don’t really understand how it is structured and what pays for what.  This is a problem in some situations because it is good to know what you are signing up for when you get it.  To do so you can read on and get some basic facts about the Medicare process and opportunities in general. Continue reading

Medicare Part B Mental Health Coverage

When you need treatment for mental health issues there are multiple different types of treatment you may need and places you may need it.  Medicare benefits will usually pay for much of this treatment under your policy but you must be aware of what type of treatment you are getting and when.  If you are being treated in a hospital this is one type of coverage, when you are being treated outside of a hospital this is Medicare Part B coverage.

If the service you need takes place outside of a hospital it is referred to as “outpatient” treatment, which is what Medicare Part B is for.  One type of treatment that is outpatient and covered under this Medicare coverage is psychotherapy provided by a medical professional.  This type of therapy can be of the group variety or individual and just depends on what your doctor feels is necessary.

It is always important to contact your preferred medical professional and see if they accept Medicare insurance before you go for your visit.  You don’t want to be left to pick up the full cost of the medical bill because you didn’t do your homework.  Medicare Part B can help cover your mental health needs, but only if you make sure your professional is covered first.

Can I delay Part B without paying higher premiums?

 There are times when you are still being covered by another insurance plan and can enroll in Medicare and the like that you will want to delay a part of Medicare from starting.  You don’t want to be paying two separate premiums, which is exactly what you would be doing if you didn’t delay the coverage.  The question is, when you delay Part B coverage can you do so without paying higher premiums? Continue reading

Medicare Beneficiaries can get Assistance with Part B & D Payments

If you have Medicare benefits and are confused about Medicare Part D, you are not alone.  There are a great many individuals who do not understand Medicare Part D, which is prescription drug coverage. 

Many individuals are getting into a situation where they are eligible for Part B of Medicare but they have limited income.  As a result, they are worried about getting this important part of Medicare coverage.  Continue reading

Medicare Part B Benefits: A Quick Overview of Medicare Part B

If you are on Medicare or will soon be getting your Medicare eligibilty, you may have some questions about Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B is the voluntary part of your Medicare benefits that require a copayment from you. With Medicare Part B, might cover things like:

  • Doctor’s Office Visits
  • Outpatient Hospital Visits
  • X-Rays and Other Tests
  • Medical Equipment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Some Mental Health Services.


Your copayment for Medicare Part B will be determined by your income level. Your payment is usually deducted from your Social Security income check.

One of the more common needs for Medicare Part B is to cover medical equipment. This might include things like standard manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, walkers, braces and eyeglasses. In order to qualify for these types of medical equipment, you will need to have a medically necessary reason (called medical necessity).

In addition to medical equipment, your enrollment in Medicare Part B will laso allow you to undergo certain preventative procedures and screenings. This includes basics like annual physical exams and more specific procedures like mammograms and colon cancer screenings.

In the end, Medicare Part B is something you will definitely want to add to your Medicare enrollment plans. Although it will cost you money, it will be well worth the expense. If you don’t initially enroll in Medicare Part B, but decide to at a later time in could cost you significantly.

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