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Indiana Medicaid: An Overview of Indiana Medicaid Eligibility

Indiana Medicaid is primarily focused on bettering access to health services among four at-risk groups for substandard care. The fees for the Medicaid services are calculated based on family income, and some people may be eligible for no fee service. The four groups targeted are: The blind and the disabled, pregnant mothers and families, the aged and the developmentally delayed.

The state of Indiana’s mandate for Medicaid care, maintains that all people who show financial need, get the health care assistance that they need; and that the Medicaid program use the public monies it’s allotted in a transparent and effective way. The state also strives to make certain that all care givers and health officials working in concert with Medicaid users get paid promptly and accurately.

The aged are defined as people 65 and older. All people nationwide are eligible to receive Medicare during the month of their 65th birthday, but Medicaid is only offered to those seniors who demonstrate a financial need. The financial need burden is further reduced for seniors who’s spouse is currently residing in a long term care facility.

Families are a key priority for Indiana health officials, and as such they have recently unveiled their Hoover Health plan. This plan is hoped to improve the level of comprehensive care offered to families in need. The plan contains all standard Medicaid services, but has enhanced services that focus on preventative health and health education. The income levels for eligibility vary based on the size of your family.

When calculating whether or not you meet the requirements for eligibility, remember to make use of the available deductions. For example, a mother who works, can deduct 90$ from her monthly salary, and if she is paying for daycare as well, can deduct an additional $200 per child. These deductions can make the difference of access, and should not be overlooked.
Families that show extreme financial need are offered the Hoover Health Plan free of charge, and depending on your income level, monthly fees will rise from there.

The blind and disabled are also eligible for free Medicaid benefits, if they can prove that their disability will significantly hamper their abilities to earn a living over the course of the coming twelve month period.  The situation is the same for people with developmental delays. A registered physician will provide people with the documentation that they need after submitting to a medical evaluation.

The Indiana Medicaid health program is striving to ensure that all the citizens of Indiana have access to great health care and health education. Please call 1-800-889-9949, to speak with a health official and find out if you may be eligible.

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