Exclusive to Connecticut: Humana Medicare Supplement Plan G

The states do have rights, even though it is true that Medicare is a federally funded insurance program. Medigap insurance that there is a demand for will get use from the special plans offered in some states for Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage. Humana Insurance offers only to Connecticut residents the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Plan G covers the following, in addition to those basic benefits:

• When you are facing a potential constant care situation this will be the coverage for you as it offers coinsurance for Hospice services.

• If you need skilled nursing care that facility is covered too.

• Your deductible for Medicare Part A will be covered as well for even more money in your pocket.

• The difference for what your doctor charges and Medicare pays for is covered with Medicare Part B excess charges being covered.

• This supplemental insurance plan also covers emergency medical help when you are traveling abroad. You can travel with a care-free happy attitude knowing that your medical bills are taken care of with this coverage.

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