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Hawaii Medicaid Programs: Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Hawaii?

It is a fact that health insurance is one of the most important things that you should have for you and your family. With health insurance, the insurance company will be able to provide you with financial assistance on your medical needs. However, there are some people who simply cannot afford the high premiums that health insurance provider offers. Because of this, many people who cannot afford to purchase a health insurance policy from a private company resort to a state and federal government medical assistance program called Medicaid.

First of all, Medicaid is a federal and state government funded medical assistance program. Unlike Medicare, where it focuses its benefits more on the elderly and the disabled, Medicaid offers its benefits to low income individuals and families. Also, Medicaid offers its benefits to children living with low income families, to the disabled, to the blind and even to the elderly provided that they meet certain eligibility rules and requirements.

In Hawaii, the Hawaii State Department of Human Services or the DHS offer their low income residents medical services or Medicaid. In Hawaii, there is a federally funded Medicaid programs that low income residents uses as their primary medical assistance program. However, there are also exclusively state funded Medicaid programs that the State of Hawaii offers.

Basically, the Medicaid Fee-For Service Program and the Hawaii Quest Medicaid Managed Care Program offers medical services that include comprehensive medical coverage. This means that these two programs only offer Medicaid to people in need of immediate medical attention, such as accidents and other situations that needs immediate hospitalization.

The Medicaid Fee-For Service Program or the FFS offers their services to residents who are aged 65 and above or individuals who are under 65 that are certified to be disabled or blind.

Included in the FFS is long term care, such as coverage for the fees for nursing homes and also for home care programs where 24 hour medical attention is required.

Another program under the DHS provides medical assistance to their female residents who are pregnant. However, it is required that the pregnant woman should meet minimum income requirements as well as their spouse.

In the Hawaii Quest Program, they offer Medicaid coverage for Hawaii residents who are under the age of 65. Also, even if they are not certified to be blind or disabled, the individual will be able to apply for Medicaid and become one of the beneficiaries of the program. In this program, it is usually low income individuals and families that can qualify. Low income pregnant women can also be included in the program.

Medicaid can also offer coverage for prescription drugs. This means that if you are a low income individual and you are covered by Medicaid, you will be able to enjoy free or discounted prescription drugs.

These are some of the things that you should remember when getting Medicaid in Hawaii. You have to remember that the state plays an important role in affecting the eligibility rules and requirements in regards to Medicaid qualifications. So, you should often check with the state laws as there may be some changes in their Medicaid program.

You also have to remember that the state is not required to join the Medicaid program. This is why it is important for you to often check the laws regarding their qualifications for their Medicaid program.

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