Illinois Medicaid

Illinois Medicaid System Overview

The state of Illinois is above the pack when it comes to low or no cost medical coverage for its citizens. There are a variety of programs in the state of Illinois to help individuals seeking medical coverage, including the state and federally run Medicaid program. If you are interested in applying for Medicaid coverage, you will need to contact the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. There are certain eligibility requirements that will need to be met before you are able to get Medicaid coverage.

For example, your income must be under a certain amount before you can be considered eligible. In many states, it is easier for people with special needs to get Medicaid coverage. For example, many pregnant women, and the babies they give birth to, are often granted Medicaid coverage for an extended period of time. Foster or adopted children, children from low income households, disabled persons, the elderly and other special needs groups are examples of those who can often qualify for this type of assistance.

In addition to Illinois Medicaid, the state also offers an All Kids program that helps families that may not qualify for Medicaid but still cannot afford medical care. The All Kids program can be applied for through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, or even online on their web site. There is another program called Illinois Covered that helps families who are unable to obtain Medicaid or health insurance. This program has several different options at different rates.

If you are unsure about the first steps to take, definitely contact the DHFS near you or your local Department of Social Services. There are case workers available who can counsel you on the best possible choices for your needs and walk you through every step of the application procedure. They can answer all your questions about what is covered and what is not. The good news is that the state of Illinois truly does offer a great deal of assistance for its residents in need of medical assistance.

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