Medicare Supplement Insurance Laws in Massachusetts

Insurance laws and rules are generally handled on the state level with the federal government stepping in from time to time.  For this reason there are some states that have laws that are a bit different than others may be.  Massachusetts is one of the states where some Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) laws or requirements will be a little bit different.  Here are the main things to remember with Massachusetts Medigap policies:

1.            Inpatient hospital care will be covered under the Part A coinsurance plus coverage and on Medigap this will continue past the Medicare approved coverage ends.  In Massachusetts this extension can go on for a period of 365 days after the end of your Medicare coverage.

2.            When it comes to your medical costs you will get help beyond that of the Medicare approved coverage amount as well.  In fact, you will be covered for your Medicare Part B coinsurance, which usually amounts to about 20% of the Medicare approved total amount.

3.            If you are to be given blood for any procedure there will be costs involved in the process.  In Massachusetts the first three pints of blood you may need will be covered each and every year.

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