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Georgia Medicaid: A Look at the Georgia Medicaid Program

The state of Georgia Medicaid program is administered by the Medical Assistance agency, and aims to promote good health in high risk groups. High risk groups for sub-standard care in the State of Georgia are considered to be, the aged, pregnant woman and children, people with blindness or disabilities, and people with developmental delays. The financial criteria varies considerably depending on which group you belong to.

The aged or blind, which live on $1869 per month or less, are eligible for financial Medicaid assistance. If the monthly income falls to below 623$ per month, then these people are also eligible to receive supplementary security income.  Pregnant woman and their infants are also eligible for Georgia Medicaid. The financial requirements for entry vary based upon total dependent family size. If you are a pregnant woman you are eligible as long as your monthly income is lower than $1702 per month. A woman with one child is eligible at below $2282 per month, with two children the number is $2862 and with three children the monthly income cap is $3442 per month. These family based Medicaid assistance programs are focused on ensuring good family health and development.

These family based programs deliver incrementally more aid depending on the financial needs of the families. A larger number of dependant children always raises the maximum monthly incomes for qualification, reflective of the increased costs associated with raising larger families.

The State of Georgia is committed to providing quality health care to all its citizens irregardless of their financial situations. They are achieving health promotion through programs such as The RX outreach. This program aims to provide generic medications to those financially needy people that cannot afford prescription drug prices, and those without insurance or the underinsured.

Another new program in the state of Georgia is the Georgia Peach Family Program. This family package of health promotion services contains all the conventional Medicaid services, but adds additional health promotional services such as health education and prevention courses, and access to a wider range of health service providers. The program is mandated to improve the preventative health of the children and families of Georgia.

Georgia Health Service’s Medicaid program is trying to offer its needy clients with the most comprehensive service package possible. The coverages are all based on income levels, and the less you make the more health coverage you are eligible to receive.

Georgia’s innovative Medicaid programs, such as the Georgia Peach Family Plan and the RX outreach, are just two more ways that the state is striving to provide great medical care and health promotion. Georgia wants to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

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