Affordable Premiums, Many Services with Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan L

Humana’s Medicare Supplement Insurance plans usually differ in their approach, but there are many similarities between Plan K and Plan L. The following items are covered by Plan L from Humana, but are not offered with Plan K. Not all of your options are going to be below, but many that you may have to use are.

• Regardless of if your hospitalization was expected or not you will get 100% coverage for Medicare Part A hospitalization as well as 365 additional days in the hospital.

• Slightly better than Plan K, this plan gives you 75% of of Hospice out-of-pocket sharing.

• Most basic benefits plans with Humana will give you more, but your first three pints of blood are covered at 75%, more than Plan K.

• Preventive services get 100% coverage, everything else under Medicare Part B is covered at 75%.

• If you can’t cover the full cost on your own, and most can’t, you can get 75% of care covered for use of a skilled nursing facility.

• Your Medicare Part A deductibles are also covered at 75%, which is a little extra cash for you.

• $2,310 out-of-pocket annual limit, much less than Plan K, but still a substantial amount to come up with on your own in addition to your premiums that you periodically pay.

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