Wisconsin Medicaid

Wisconsin Medicaid Eligibility and Application Overview

If you do not have medical coverage and cannot afford your medical expenses, you may want to apply for Wisconsin Medicaid. Medicaid is a federally mandated yet state run program which offers medical coverage to individuals and families who meet eligibility requirements. There are a variety of Medicaid related programs in the state of Wisconsin which include Medical Assistance, BadgerCare and SeniorCare.

It is important to understand that Medicaid is not necessarily considered welfare, but should instead be seen as a health insurance program. According to state documentation, only a small percentage of individuals who receive Medicaid coverage also receive welfare assistance.

The Wisconsin Medicaid program offers medical coverage and assistance to low income seniors, disabled and/or blind individuals, families receiving welfare assistance, pregnant women, and children from low-income families. There are income requirements that must be met, however for certain groups like pregnant women, children, disabled individuals and senior citizens, the income requirements are lower. This makes it easier for groups who need coverage the most to qualify. There are other programs that are part of Wisconsin Medicaid which other families and individuals may qualify for as mentioned previously.

For example, BadgerCare is a health insurance program for low-income working families who have children. This program is available to families and their children who meet 185% of the federal poverty level. The SeniorCare program a prescription drug coverage program for seniors who meet 240% of the poverty level. This program helps seniors afford costly prescription medications that they may otherwise be unable to pay for.

Medicaid coverage helps pay for inpatient and outpatient care, preventative care, laboratory and diagnostic services, nursing home care, family planning and more. If you need to apply for Medicaid or have questions about the program, contact your local Department of Social Services. When you apply, you will need to complete an in-depth application and provide various documentation and verification. This may include proof of identity, citizenship, income and assets. You will be assigned a caseworker who can help you complete your application if necessary and answer all your questions about the Wisconsin Medicaid program.

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