What is Medicare Electronic Prescribing?

In some ways Medicare has been dreadfully behind the times when communicating between doctors and other healthcare providers with vital information. The technological times seemed to be lost on them as they didn’t keep up with the new ways to share information. One way in which they have improved this is with the advent of electronic prescribing between healthcare providers and your pharmacy.

Instead of taking a long time to call in a prescription or send a prescription through a courier, your information can be submitted through an electronic system that saves you time and money while keeping your information secure.

• You don’t have to drop off and wait for your pharmacist to fill your prescription. Your prescription may be ready when you arrive.

• Prescribers can check which drugs your insurance covers and prescribe a drug that costs you less.

• Electronic prescriptions are easier for the pharmacist to read than handwritten prescriptions. This means there’s less chance that you will get the wrong drug or dose.

• Prescribers will have secure access to your prescription history, so they can be alerted to potential drug interactions, allergies, and other warnings.

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