New in Medicare 2012: Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

As Medicare continues to try to make themselves more accessible and beneficial to their subscribers they continue to make new programs that test new theories. In 2012 Medicare has started a new program called Accountable Care Organizations that will make a new approach for doctors and other healthcare providers. You can think of this approach as one that is trying to make the process a little easier and improve your experience.

What happens is that your doctor will have the option of choosing an Accountable Care Organization to join and become a part of. All doctors that accept original Medicare will have the option to join one of these groups and the idea is to improve the overall cost, quality and care of patients. Your costs, benefits and coverage will not be affected and you will still have the right to choose your doctor.

You still have the option of choosing a doctor that is not part of an Accountable Care Organization and still be covered as you were before. If your doctor is not a part of an Accountable Care Organization you can suggest that they become one but it is ultimately their decision to apply. Medicare has created the process to help the consumer but it is up to you to use it.

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