Could You Get a $1,000 Reward for Uncovering Medicare Fraud?

Insurance fraud in general is a big problem these days and this is no different for Medicare and the fraud that encompasses it. In order to combat this fraud and try to make people more vigilant against it the Medicare providers have decided to offer a $1,000 reward for anyone that stops fraud and meets the following criteria. You would first have to report the Medicare fraud by calling 1-800-MEDICARE or speaking to a Medicare representative yourself.

1. The suspected Medicare fraud you report must be proven as potential fraud by the Program Safeguard Contractor, the Zone Program Integrity Contractor, or the Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor (the Medicare contractors that investigate potential fraud and abuse) and formally referred as part of a case by one of the contractors to the Office of Inspector General for further investigation.

2. You aren’t an excluded individual. For example, you didn’t participate in the fraud offense being reported. Or, there isn’t another reward that you qualify for under another government program.

3. The person or organization you’re reporting isn’t already under investigation by law enforcement.

4. Your report leads to the recovery of at least $100 of Medicare money.

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