Medicare Changes Open Enrollment Period for 2012

Medicare is constantly trying to change their processes and plans to
better serve their clients that intend to use the service. One way in
which that has changed for 2012 is that Medicare’s Open Enrollment
period has been moved up and extended. What you need to know about
these new dates is listed below for your consumption. Make notes so
you don’t miss the opportunity to get on Medicare.

First, there is a two week period from October 1st to October 15th
that allows you to see the rates and changes made by Medicare. This
will allow you to determine what plan is best for you and select it to
make things better for you. Starting on October 15th you can contact
Medicare to begin building the plan that is right for you.

This actual enrollment period will last until December 7th, 2012,
meaning that you have plenty of time to make decision. Once you
decide on your plan and enroll the changes will take effect on the
first day of next year. There are other special times that you can
make changes to your plan or leave the company altogether.

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