Medicare Improves Record Keeping with Electronic Health Records

One of the initiatives for Medicare over the next few years is to create more ways to better serve their subscribers and to streamline their processes. In some instances this is done by relationships with doctors and healthcare providers while at other times it is done by general recordkeeping. One way that Medicare has improved service over the last few years is with Electronic Health Records.

An Electronic Health Record is a confidential and safe way to keep your records on a computer in your doctor’s office. Secure networks are then created between some healthcare providers to easily share the information when necessary.

• EHRs can help lower the chances of medical errors, eliminate duplicate tests, and may improve your overall quality of care. The speed with which the information is shared makes the process immediately more efficient.

• EHRs can help your providers have the same up-to-date information about your conditions, treatments, tests, and prescriptions. You don’t have to wait for files to arrive when going to see a specialist or get a second opinion.

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  • Sam Sirkin says:

    If I switch from Kaiser to another plan, say AARP, would my EHRs be available to another doctor and/or hospital that I might use?

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