Does Medicare Cover Glaucoma Testing?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that will affect more and more people as they reach the senior stages of life.  Testing regularly for glaucoma is a good idea, but you may want to see what your insurance will cover before you start.  For those reading this that are on Medicare you should know that you can be screened every 12 months for glaucoma under your benefits.

If your family has a history of glaucoma or you are Hispanic or African American and over 65 years old you could be at risk for glaucoma, also if you have diabetes or are over the age of 50.  If you don’t fall into these groups you could still possibly be tested for glaucoma, but you may not be covered.  Bring up the potential for glaucoma with your doctor to see if you could possibly get tested.

The state must approve doctors that can screen for glaucoma so make sure that your doctor is approved by the state.  Not going to an approved doctor can cause your Medicare claim to be denied, meaning you will have to pay for the screening.  If it is done by an approved doctor you would be expected to pay for 20% of the Medicare approved amount under your Medicare Part B deductible.

2 Responses to Does Medicare Cover Glaucoma Testing?

  • brenda osborn says:

    i would like to kknow if glaucoma test would be covereged under te Gold choise plan H4448613 at the end of the year my counsuler assured me that the plan was the same with vision and dental only dr vistors were 15 not 10 other than that the same…..and i mentioned the importance to him about my teeth and vision which i want to stay on top of…..

    thanks brenda osborn
    8 25 59 72143

  • george del valle says:

    can I ask any Doctor if they are accepting madicare beneficiary for gloucoma testing?

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