Medicare Deductibles on the Rise in 2011

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Medicare deductibles in 2011 have risen slightly from where they were in 2010 and before.  These slight increases are quite common and are usually referred to as cost of living increases to reflect the changes in income.  What you should be aware of is that your deductibles for Part B beneficiaries have raised slightly from $155 to $162 from the 2010 agreement to 2011.

In addition to this change in a deductible with Part B there is a change in the deductible associated with Part A in reference to the hospital insurance deductible.  Instead of paying $1100 for a stay in a hospital up to 60 days you will now pay a total of $1132 if this stay is necessary.  If you have to stay longer than 60 days you will be charged $283 for each day between 61 and 90 days and $566 per day for the 91 to 150 day stretch.

Also, if you have to pay to be in a skilled nursing facility for over 20 days you will pay $141.50 per day for days 21 to 100 instead of the $137.50 required before.  Remember that these are slight increases to stay in line with inflation and cost of living and should not be seen as a change in coverage.  Make slight adjustments to your every day life and you shouldn’t see much of a change to your bank account.

2 Responses to Medicare Deductibles on the Rise in 2011

  • george del valle says:

    Everyday life becoming worst to live,since I worked with my present employer 4 years ago.I never got an increase in my pay.but everything was going up,medicine,doctors visit,premium,everyday consumer goods,I think its not adviceable to increase the co-pay,let it stay the old premuim,while the people werealready adjusted.

  • Mary says:

    Unfortunately, for Senior Citizens on Social Security, have Not Received a COLA = Cost of Living Adjustment for TWO Years.
    Yet, The Cost of Living has gotten way out of hand.
    How are we supposed to “Survive” in the future??

    FYI—We’ve had to “Adjust for TWO years now” on our income.
    There is No MOney Left to Adjust!!

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