Medicare Part B Mental Health Coverage

When you need treatment for mental health issues there are multiple different types of treatment you may need and places you may need it.  Medicare benefits will usually pay for much of this treatment under your policy but you must be aware of what type of treatment you are getting and when.  If you are being treated in a hospital this is one type of coverage, when you are being treated outside of a hospital this is Medicare Part B coverage.

If the service you need takes place outside of a hospital it is referred to as “outpatient” treatment, which is what Medicare Part B is for.  One type of treatment that is outpatient and covered under this Medicare coverage is psychotherapy provided by a medical professional.  This type of therapy can be of the group variety or individual and just depends on what your doctor feels is necessary.

It is always important to contact your preferred medical professional and see if they accept Medicare insurance before you go for your visit.  You don’t want to be left to pick up the full cost of the medical bill because you didn’t do your homework.  Medicare Part B can help cover your mental health needs, but only if you make sure your professional is covered first.

2 Responses to Medicare Part B Mental Health Coverage

  • PsychOfficeMgr says:

    Outpatient mental health coverage (Part B) currently (2010 &2011)requires a 45% copay (unless you have a good secondary insurance to pick that up). The copay amount will be gradually stepped down over several years until it matches the 20% copay for other services. If, however, the CMS implements the proposed 34% cut in provider UCR reimbursements next year, it will be difficult to find a qualified provider accepting new Medicare patients. Hopefully, they will revise their flawed reimbursement formula before that takes place.

  • Heidi Slagle says:

    Does Indiana medicaid cover services in another state if you live closer to those services than in-state services?

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