Medicare Now Covers Depression

People in the medical community have long made a link between chemicals in the body and depression, but the real changes to care have happened since the condition has been accepted in mainstream society. Another step in that direction was taken this year when Medicare started covering some depression screenings and services under Part B. Recognizing this as a covered service gives many people the right to get help that never could before.

Once per year you can get a medical professional to sit down and discuss the condition with you without having to pay a hefty insurance bill. Your primary care doctor will do this counseling session with you in their primary care setting and they will determine the course of follow-up treatment. If your primary care doctor accepts the assignment for your treatment you are covered.

Living with depression can be a very difficult and treacherous existence but it can help to have someone to guide you through the mess. Even though you may not want someone to tell you that you have depression when you know you do, it can help to have the discussion. If you have Medicare and believe that you have depression you need to start calling your provider and primary care doctor today.

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