Medicare Advantage Enrollment: Special Circumstances

Some instances are out there where you can make changes to a Medicare Advantage Plan, though they are few and far between. Don’t listen to the naysayers that will try to divert you from changes that are possible because your situation may demand change. The following are a few instances in which you could make changes to a Medicare Advantage Plan after enrollment has taken place.

Medicare offers a program called “Extra Help” that can help you to pay for your deductibles, premiums and other costs. If you cannot make the payments you need to make you could contact your Medicare Advantage Plan provider and see if any help is available to you.

When you switch to Medicaid or have Medicaid it may be necessary to contact your Medicare Advantage Plan provider. Some changes will be necessary in order for your plan to function in conjunction with a Medicaid plan.
When you live in the Medicare definition of an institution you may want to notify your provider of the need to make changes. Don’t get too down about the word, Medicare defines an institution to include a skilled nursing facility or something similar.

Moving outside of the area of coverage that your Medicare Advantage Plan serves is another way to potentially make changes. You don’t have to pay for something that you cannot use so you should make changes when it is necessary to do so after moving.

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