Missouri Medicaid: Your Guide to Medicaid in Missouri

First of all, it is important to understand that Medicaid is entirely different from Medicare. Although Medicaid and Medicare are both funded by the government and are both health insurance programs, Medicaid is not automatic like Medicare. In Medicare, you will become automatically eligible when you reach the age of 65 or you become disabled.

To put it in other words, Medicare concentrates more on giving the benefits to the elderly and to the disabled. Also, Medicare is funded by the federal government which gets its funds from the taxes you pay. It is very much like your Social Security where you have every right to enjoy because you are one of the millions of people who are funding it during your working life.

In Medicaid, it is a health insurance program provided by both the state government and the federal government. In this health program, it concentrates more in providing financial security for individuals and families who are in the low income level group. You can think of this as a social welfare program that provides aid to less fortunate citizens in regards to medical needs.

You have to face the fact that in today’s day and age, the cost of medical care is constantly rising. With your low salary that is not even enough to get you and your family decent food, what more if medical emergencies arise?

Medicaid, unlike Medicare, is not entirely funded by the federal government. Also, it is not administered only by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or what most people know as CMS. Each state government shares in the funding and the administration of this health insurance program. And, there are states that allow and encourage the local community in each city and counties to participate and be actively involved in the funding of this health care program.

You also have to understand that each state was given the option whether they want to participate or not. Currently, every state is participating in this medical assistance program and some states have also given their own names for the program.

Since each state was given the option to participate, you have to understand that the eligibility rules and the requirements vary from state to state. However, the eligibility rules and requirements provided follow the guidelines established by the CMS offices.

In Missouri, the DSS or the Department of Social Services is the official state agency that is responsible for the administration of the Missouri Medicaid Program.

Currently, Missouri is participating in the Medicaid program and is providing help mainly for children living with low income families, low income individuals and families, the elderly, and the disabled.

Currently, the Missouri Medicaid Program is focusing on wellness, prevention, individual responsibility, improved heath outcomes, technology, evidence based practice, and efficient program operations.

You need to understand that aside from being in the low income group of people, you will also need to be a permanent resident in Missouri in order for you to benefit from the Medicaid program the state offers.

They also offer access to health care provided by Medicaid to people who are not in the eligibility category.

The state of Missouri offers mandatory Medicaid for the elderly, low income families, children, blind, disabled, pregnant women, the homeless, refugees and even for newborns with mothers currently enrolled in the Medicaid program.

In order to know more about the eligibility requirements, you may want to try and apply for Medicaid in Missouri. Here, you will have all the information you need and also find out which Medicaid program you qualify in.

28 Responses to Missouri Medicaid: Your Guide to Medicaid in Missouri

  • Sid Domier says:

    I am manager of a pharmacy in colorado and have been asked to provide pharmacy services to some Missouri Medicaid participants.
    How do I go about registering my pharmacy as a provider for Missouri Medicaid?

  • Cynthia Boomer says:

    My father is 65 years old and is disable. He receives Medicare but not Medicaid. He needs In Home Health but Medicare does not pay for this service. How can I received In Home Health for my father?

  • Renee Stephenson says:

    i have met this really great guy recently and we are talking about getting serious but he gets an ssi disability check every month and also recieves medicaid insurance and i was just wondering if say in the next couple of years we decide to marry with me working a good job would he lose any or all of his benefits please let me know thank you renee

  • Debbie Vessell says:

    I cant find an application for this?

  • Jane says:

    Is it possible for someone to be on Medicaid, but remain at her home in bed? Would the cost just be subject to caregiver’s fees, misc. expenses?

  • Dianna Payne says:

    This is just an example: A divorced woman is not working and has a single child age 8. Her exhusband works two jobs and his wife works as well. They own their home, several cars, a motorcycle and a vacation home in their native country. Would the divorced woman receive Medicaid?

  • Novella Taylor says:

    My father is sick with heart disease, kidney disease and emphesyma. My mother has liver and colorectal cancer and has just completed her first round of chemotherapy. They have Medicare and Champus Insurance. They both need round the clock care but I am unable the help them since I live in South Carolina. Is it possible for them to receive Medicaid to assist them in their last days? Will they lose their home if they apply for Medicaid. Please let me know how I can help them.

  • Sandra Astl lpn says:

    I work for Wellcare insurance company and really need a Missouri Medicaid Summary of Benefits Manual as a working tool. What is the site which provides this information? I have opened many sites and cannot locate the actual manual. Thank you.

  • Lynn says:

    Can I get Medicaid while waiting the 24 months for Medicare to kick in?

  • Beverly Brown says:

    I have a 94 yearl old father that is under hospice care. He needs care all day and Medicare does not pay for this. He is at his home. Will he lose his farm if he applys for Medicaid? Also does his CD’s he has count as his income?

  • Rena B says:

    My stepfather is on medicaid in a nursing faciltiy in Il. My mother doesn’t drive and depends on others to take her to visit. She can not sustain her life, on her own, much longer. We ae thinking of transferring him closer to my sister in MO where mom can get the help and transporation she needs. Can my stepfather be transferred and keep his medicaid? What do we need to do to make this transition?
    Help please!

  • Elly says:

    Please email me I work for Home Health Agency… We can answer all of you questions and assist you and your loved ones with many great services……….

  • Glenn Paul says:

    My daughter is 33 years old and just found out she has precancer cells and lesions on her cervix and is high risk for cancer because my wife (her Mother) had a double mastectomy 1 yr ago. My daughter has no income no insurance and no way to pay for medical care. Her husband is disabled and they are at the poverty level for income. She applied for medicaide and was turned down in Dent county because she has no children!! I can’t believe that. That is discrimination! She has no where to turn to. There are free clinics in Missouri for Women in her shoes but the age starts at 35.

  • Matthew Mashek says:

    I’m 23 and I was told by a doctor I had to have knee surgery 3 years ago I didn’t get it done because my insurance at the time would only cover $600 of the $12000 sugery I am a server I make maybe 700 a month I don’t live my parents. Am I able to get medicaid to help me pay for this surgery? And if sohow do I go about getting it? I Have some sort of low blood circulation causing my knee cap to break apart.

  • JEannine Moore says:

    My step son just lost Medicaid under us cause he turned 19. He is not disbled. Can he apply for an medicaid as a19 year old since he doesnt have a job

  • Holly T says:

    My husband is on medicaid in AZ. He is waiting a liver transplant. A recent bill that was passed is now denying liver transplants, even after the patients have been approved and lsited. Our only choice now is to move to another state and hope we can get him on Medicaid there and then listed as soon as possible before it is too late.
    My question is, if he is on medicaid and SSI in AZ will he automatically qualify for it in Missouri and how long will it take for him to be approved for it in Missouri after applying?

  • DebraJ Wall says:

    I would like to know why my sister has to pay 400.00 a month for a spin down program she can’t afford. She is 100% disabled and is going to die from one of the many illnesses she has. I have not been able to get any answers and I have written to the President of the USA and probally won’t get an answer. Please e-mail me for more information

  • Insurers offer thousands of different plans round the country, all using their own places of things like unique deductibles, prices and co-insurance. UnitedHealth class Inc. together with Humana Inc. include the two major Medicare plus plan companies. This yr, about 26 different plans might be offered in each state, even although overall overall fell concerning 13 percentage nationwide, [the Kaiser family members Foundation] believed, citing in part new principles encouraging combination of poor enrollment and duplicative policies. About 11. 8 thousand Medicare beneficiaries, or nearly 1 / 4 of the sum Medicare public, were signed up for a medicare insurance Advantage plan by Sept. 26

  • Bob Francis says:

    My mother is entering a retirement home on February 1st. She will be a medicaid resident. Her only asset of significant monetary value is a life insurance policy in the amount of $6,000 which is intended for pay for funeral services at the time. She is the owner of the policy. My brother, sister, and I are the beneficiaries. Upon my mother’s demise, will Medicaid have any interest in this policy?

  • Tamara Gleason says:

    I have been notified by Truman Medical Center that I have been granted Medicaid and they gave
    me my number. How do I get a card to show at
    the doctors office, etc.? Thank you for your help.

  • Mary Willis says:

    my bro has no money disabled with on ssi and 2 small insurance
    monthly checks but has no money after medicine,house expenses
    heis unable to take care of hisxlittle home and errands etc how can he get this type of asistance. He is 65 .Lives in Mexico,mo

  • Nancy A says:

    I am receiving a Medicare check every month because of disability. I can hardly meet my monthly basic bills, let along my mounting medical bills. I am seeing a psychiatrist for severe bi-polar disease and now I am seeking monies for a therapist that my psychiatrist has referred me to. Can I apply for Medicaid and what other funds may be available for my situation, in MO?

  • Anna Happe says:

    Is ther nny help to purchsed an BRUno TURNY SEAT for our 2005 Ford Freestar Mini Van. he has an life long diability and can not walk and just had 5 hour surgery but, Dr Lu stated “I may NEVER walk again” Is there any help for someiiii

    tHANK yoU, aNNA

  • katlin says:

    There is no help for autistic children who only have medicade. It is a joke. The window of time to help these children is limited. Greed is limiting them from reaching their full potential. Autism is becoming a huge money making buisness INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY HELPING. I cant find ANY services for little brother because i dont have an extra hundreds of thousands of dollars. It makes me sick. This needs to change before its too late.

  • sheri perkins says:

    I am 56 yr. old femal on unemployment for two years now. I get
    $92 a wk plus $198 food stamps. Would I qualify for medicaid? i have health issues and with no insurance I can’t get any medical treatment. Thank you and God Bless

    Sheri Perkins

  • Kristy Lewis says:

    Hello my name is Kristy Lewis and I’m a very concern about my health so I call my caseworker supervisor because my caseworker never answer the phone here in Saint Louis, Missouri at Lucas & Hunt office. I’m a mother of nine children, the last two children are two year old twins, I work part-time, two of my children receives $674 a peice from SSI. I don’t even receive childsupport payments for three of my children, but my caseworker has it down that I do. I don’t receive the same amount of childsupport for my oldiest daughter anymore, but my caseworker hasn’t changed that in the system. I was told that I’m not eligible for medicaid anymore because I work, but I only work part-time and I read medicaid was for low income families and that’s what I’am. Could you e-mail me and tell me if this is true.

  • Amber says:

    Hello I am a Business Office Manager at a long term care facility and I was wondering where I could find a manual that is directly related to a nursing facility. I have heard things that we are supposed to or not supposed to be doing for my residents when it comes to the biling aspect. I was just wondering if you may have a lead on that?? Let me know thanks

  • Richard Ward says:

    Do to me not being service connected, my VA benefits do not include Dental, hearing or eye services. I am interested in those service. My only income is from Social Securiy in the amount of $1305.00 per month. How do I go about determining if I meet the qualifications.

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