Georgia Medicaid: A Look at the Georgia Medicaid Program

The state of Georgia Medicaid program is administered by the Medical Assistance agency, and aims to promote good health in high risk groups. High risk groups for sub-standard care in the State of Georgia are considered to be, the aged, pregnant woman and children, people with blindness or disabilities, and people with developmental delays. The financial criteria varies considerably depending on which group you belong to.

The aged or blind, which live on $1869 per month or less, are eligible for financial Medicaid assistance. If the monthly income falls to below 623$ per month, then these people are also eligible to receive supplementary security income.  Pregnant woman and their infants are also eligible for Georgia Medicaid. The financial requirements for entry vary based upon total dependent family size. If you are a pregnant woman you are eligible as long as your monthly income is lower than $1702 per month. A woman with one child is eligible at below $2282 per month, with two children the number is $2862 and with three children the monthly income cap is $3442 per month. These family based Medicaid assistance programs are focused on ensuring good family health and development.

These family based programs deliver incrementally more aid depending on the financial needs of the families. A larger number of dependant children always raises the maximum monthly incomes for qualification, reflective of the increased costs associated with raising larger families.

The State of Georgia is committed to providing quality health care to all its citizens irregardless of their financial situations. They are achieving health promotion through programs such as The RX outreach. This program aims to provide generic medications to those financially needy people that cannot afford prescription drug prices, and those without insurance or the underinsured.

Another new program in the state of Georgia is the Georgia Peach Family Program. This family package of health promotion services contains all the conventional Medicaid services, but adds additional health promotional services such as health education and prevention courses, and access to a wider range of health service providers. The program is mandated to improve the preventative health of the children and families of Georgia.

Georgia Health Service’s Medicaid program is trying to offer its needy clients with the most comprehensive service package possible. The coverages are all based on income levels, and the less you make the more health coverage you are eligible to receive.

Georgia’s innovative Medicaid programs, such as the Georgia Peach Family Plan and the RX outreach, are just two more ways that the state is striving to provide great medical care and health promotion. Georgia wants to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

24 Responses to Georgia Medicaid: A Look at the Georgia Medicaid Program

  • simonne smith says:

    i woulld like to apply for medicaid on line is that possible ?

  • Dan Thompson says:

    I’ve got an 18 year old Daughter with a 7 month old baby who lives in Georgia. She claims to have been denied Medicaid benefits and doesn’t know why. She currently works at Walmart and makes less than $1200/month. She is married and her Husband works part-time at Walmart. Together their income is around $1400/month. From all I can see, she seems to qualify for Medicaid benefits. She’s currently in need of medical attention but refuses to go because of the cost. Is there any way I can assist her in determining her elegibility? Thank you in advance.

    Dan Thompson, Kansas City

  • cher careathers says:

    I have been approved for bariatric surgery because of my disability and health reasons. I have been online trying to find
    a doctor near my area who excepts ga. medicaid for psychological evaluation and nutrition evaluation in order to be
    cleared for this surgery. please help me find help. thank you

  • Sigrid Duren says:

    How can we find out if there is any assistance for a person who has no income at the present time and is being treated for mental health problem. The family has no coverage for mental health problems. Thank you.

  • Lorrum Simpson says:

    I am trying to get in touch with cher careathers, I have the same problem as her and was wondering if she found someone in Georgia to do the surgery and accept medicaid.

  • RUBY AN says:

    I’m trying to help my Dad find some kind of aid for his medical.
    Could someone comtact me to help me out?

  • Mama Joan says:

    My granddaughter is 21, unemployed, and in need of medical attention. She has chronic elevated temperatures (99-100 degrees) with intermittent highs of 103 degrees. She often has migraines and has a swollen stomach. She assures me she is not pregnant. How can I find her a reputable physician to examine her and see if she has a hormonal problem, ovarian cancer or what? Can she qualify for Medicaid? She cannot afford insurance nor expensive testing right now. Please help.

  • Mama Joan says:

    See comment December 2nd, 9:31 pm

  • Denied 3 times says:

    If you are white, no matter what state you apply in, you will be denied medicaid and any other kind of help. You have to be black, hispanic, or illegal in this country to get help from the federal programs that we ALL pay taxes for. That is why I work strictly for cash, and refuse to pay anymore taxes.

  • I live in ga and i have medicaid and i also have peach state family care plan and i can only use those in sortn areas. I can’t use it in the upper area of ga. so i suggest whatever insurance you get ,it better cover all of ga. I’m still pissed that i cant see a obgyn to check up on my baby in upper ga . so when someone find the answer for me

  • Hopeful in Stone Mt. says:

    I am having the same difficulties as Cher Catherathers and Lorrum Simpson have had in the past with finding doctors who accept Ga Medicaid. If you ladies are still on here please help me. If not anyone who can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. This is really important to me and my health. Thank You.

  • i have medicaid and i can not find a family doctor ,i live in cartersville in rome ga

  • Tammy Varnadore says:

    I am in real need of bariatric surgery. I am over 100 lbs. overweight, & I am only 5″ tall. I have many health problems due to my wieght. Can you please help me find a Dr. close to my area that will alos cover phyciatirc part & nutrional part of the process. I appreicate your help as I am ready for this change to began & my health to improve. I have a 6 month old grandbaby I want to be able to play with without giving out of breathe.

    Thanks so much!

  • Cassandra says:

    I can’t seem to find out why i am being denied for georgia medicaid. I have never been through this before until i moved to cobb county. I am married and have three children. My husband get $608.00 a month for social security and i get 193.00 a month for childsupport and they are saying that we are over the income. I have had it with these people here and is seriously thinking of moving somewhere else where I can get help because it sur aint here.

  • acalmedvoice says:

    People,People can use their CMO’s or Medicaid anywhere it’s accepted. use the CMO doctor hand book it gives you the name and number and addresses of all doctors,mentl health centers,dentist ,you name it. (the cmo’s are peachstate,amerigroup,wellcare)

  • nicole says:

    i am going to see Dr.Khan in atlanta,ga for bariactric surgery because he takes medicaid. his number is 770-500-3660 give him a call i am told he get fast approval within 30 days with medicaid to do the surgery. good luck

  • melissa says:

    My 8 year old needs a psychological test for developmental delays and need to find out whether medicaid will pay for that?

  • Kollette says:

    I have multiple sclerosis, and have not had a job since december 09′ due to complications. I can only work certain part time jobs, which will not hire me because of my MS. I am single (seperated for 11 months) and taking care of 4 children ages 9-14, all of which have medicaid. I was denied because I have too much income, but only only recieve 750 a month in child support and 500 in food stamps. I cannot understand why I dont qualify, especially with a chronic condition, and when GA law allows companies to turn me down because of it. I have an immaculate work history as well as an associates degree, so it is obviously my condition. Someone said on here that it is because of skin color, and honestly I’m beginning to believe that because what I recieve in child support is nowhere near what those guidelines above stated.

  • PsychOfficeMgr says:

    For those people seeking psychological evaluation or psychotherapy, the Georgia Medicaid program does not allow these services for anyone over the age of 20 (so much for Mental Health Parity, huh). They would have to be paid out of pocket. Some of the CMOs offered do have coverage, but it depends on the policy.

  • Karen Anderson says:

    how do people pay their non medical bills if they are accepted on medicaid?

  • clyde degray says:

    I have a friend who has cancer and is originally from Georgia she is presently residing in Virgina and has medicad for her cancer(non curable ) treatments wants to go back home to her family and relatives so when the time comes she will buried there with relatives is there any way Georgia will asst her with here cancer treatments ? she has been told the Virginia astance Insurance is NOT transferable Is there ANY thing that can be done?
    please reply any help is appreciated and will be kept in the strictest confidence … she does not know i am trying to help she is getting bureaucratic run around

  • Kels says:

    You can find out which doctors take medicaid simply by calling your member number on the back of your card. All you have to do is provide your zip code and they will give you an entire list.

  • jim says:

    i can not take generic medications and now i can not get any of my meds and is not a new program they are ttrying it is a old one it is to end medcaid big time and they do not care at all i can not get my aciphex or my symax duotab or my depakote so all i have is not one thing left to do you can call congress but that will not do any good all they tell you is how we are own a lot of money so meds will have to go to the hosp. but no help there to

  • me says:

    i have been droped in the crack big time i can not take any generic meds at all they make me so sick and medcaid has not help at all so now i am out and can not get any refills at all the generic med law need to be taking out it is hurting a lot of people and the gov does no care at all

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