Indiana Medicaid: An Overview of Indiana Medicaid Eligibility

Indiana Medicaid is primarily focused on bettering access to health services among four at-risk groups for substandard care. The fees for the Medicaid services are calculated based on family income, and some people may be eligible for no fee service. The four groups targeted are: The blind and the disabled, pregnant mothers and families, the aged and the developmentally delayed.

The state of Indiana’s mandate for Medicaid care, maintains that all people who show financial need, get the health care assistance that they need; and that the Medicaid program use the public monies it’s allotted in a transparent and effective way. The state also strives to make certain that all care givers and health officials working in concert with Medicaid users get paid promptly and accurately.

The aged are defined as people 65 and older. All people nationwide are eligible to receive Medicare during the month of their 65th birthday, but Medicaid is only offered to those seniors who demonstrate a financial need. The financial need burden is further reduced for seniors who’s spouse is currently residing in a long term care facility.

Families are a key priority for Indiana health officials, and as such they have recently unveiled their Hoover Health plan. This plan is hoped to improve the level of comprehensive care offered to families in need. The plan contains all standard Medicaid services, but has enhanced services that focus on preventative health and health education. The income levels for eligibility vary based on the size of your family.

When calculating whether or not you meet the requirements for eligibility, remember to make use of the available deductions. For example, a mother who works, can deduct 90$ from her monthly salary, and if she is paying for daycare as well, can deduct an additional $200 per child. These deductions can make the difference of access, and should not be overlooked.
Families that show extreme financial need are offered the Hoover Health Plan free of charge, and depending on your income level, monthly fees will rise from there.

The blind and disabled are also eligible for free Medicaid benefits, if they can prove that their disability will significantly hamper their abilities to earn a living over the course of the coming twelve month period.  The situation is the same for people with developmental delays. A registered physician will provide people with the documentation that they need after submitting to a medical evaluation.

The Indiana Medicaid health program is striving to ensure that all the citizens of Indiana have access to great health care and health education. Please call 1-800-889-9949, to speak with a health official and find out if you may be eligible.

127 Responses to Indiana Medicaid: An Overview of Indiana Medicaid Eligibility

  • Sue says:

    Why dies SSDI count as income. This is my only income and IMUST use it to pay house bills. Yet I am on a spend down of $375.? This is over 1/3 of my income. I can no longer affors any medications or doctor visits. Doctors will NOT see you without the money up front.

  • Brian says:

    My sister lives in a assisted living program in the state of Indiana under Mediacaid. My mother past a couple months ago and left her a $21,000 life insurance policy. She is not allowed to keep that much money under Mediacaid guidelines and her caseworker told us we have to spend all the money. Is this true? or can we roll this in my name or any other option than to “blow” the money?

  • Larry Binnion says:

    I went on medicaid in Indiana 7/2010. My spend down is 285. before i can get any precriptions, this must be paid if it is $50.00 or $250.00. After paying rent and utilities and personal daily supplies that i need every day, I dont have enough to pay the spend down.
    I cant on medicare untill two years. Is there a company or any way that will help me with this spend down.. Im not going to the doctor or getting any prescriptions now because i cant afford the spend down. I dont want to die in indiana but it seems like the system is set up to prevent you from getting help and or going to the doctor and receiving life saving medications that you need to stay alive. I dont understand… Please help

  • goodman says:

    I will move to indiana next month, and I will have been pregnant for over 20 weeks then, I am now in california, so I want to know if I can apply for the medicaid for pregnancy, thank you, please help me.

  • shay says:

    My sister who has had breast cancer twice now, and still undergoing many test and still having surgerys from her reconstruction from her masectomy, and lost her job while undergoing her last bout of cancer, is she elgible for medicaid, medicare or ssi benefits, she also has an autistic daughter that lives with her part of the time, her and her ex have joint custody, she receives no assistance from anyone but her family, what is the best advice for her, please respong fast….thanks shay

  • Desiree says:

    I recently moved to IN from CA. I was wondering if you have to be a resident first to be eligible for Medicaid?

  • Pat Hecht says:

    My Dad is almost 89, Alot of health problems. But till Labor day he was pretty much capable of badically caring for himself. Esp.. getting to the toilet alone un assisted. He has one leg and a prosthetic. Diabetic, heart an luing problems. He has ran out of medicare, Now worry about govt taking all he has. any answers?????

  • David says:

    I live in Indiana. I have been approved for Social Security Disability, and have massive medical expenses. My wife works a job that pays only 12.00/hour….Am I eligible for Medicaid Disability, and if so, what is my spendown?

  • Paul says:

    I know a person who is receiving Indiana Medicaid and other low income benefits and no longer lives in Indiana. She is renting out her house here to get income. That income is not being reported. She comes back to Indiana to see her physicians and to get medication and then returns to the state where she actually lives now (with a relative there)..
    I assume this is illegal. I hate to see Indiana taxpayers paying her bills and giving her income.. She has not applied for aid in her present state. If this is illegal, how can she be reported?


    How do I get my husband who is disabled and is 64 yrs of age and is receiving social security disablity help for all of his medical, surgery and physician bills?

  • Melissa says:

    My husband was recently approved for Medicaid. He was hit by a bus on November 22, 2010, and suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury. He is in need of therapy for his condition, but we have no way to get him, to and from the therapy sessions. Will Medicaid pay for transportation to and from therapy sessions?

  • tasha says:

    what if your pregnant and single but have a job but that job only covers your rent, car, and etc… what is looked at your hourly wages?? or what

  • Bob says:

    My sister in law has a 12 year old boy that is living with her under legal temporary guardianship. Is the child eligible for Medicaid in Indiana? He has extensive psychological problems such as ADHD, IED., ODD, SID, etc. and needs to be placed in a Permanent Residential Treatmant Facitilty.

  • Heather says:

    My husband just got laid off and we just had our second daughter. I had health insurance through my job but it was cancelled because i am going back to work only part time andi’m no longer eligable to receive it. I just took my daughter to the pediatrician and she needs an ultrasound of her hip. I go back to work May 4th but I do not make very much income at my job as a CNA. Would i be able to get her covered on medicaid until my husband finds a stable job again?

  • Dyanna says:

    My son’s girlfriend is pregnant and from Canada is there anyway she can get medicaid?

  • Linda Rees says:

    I need to take care of my elderly mother who is blind. Is there some financial assistance I can get to stay home to care for her?

  • Brooke says:

    It will but you could call a senior law office and get advice from a lawyer. Call your local Area Agency on Aging for them to give you a resource. If you live in Indiana you can call 211 (like 911) and they can help with the contact info for social services and other human services and community resources

  • Brooke says:

    Medicaid has a financial criteria and a medical criteria. You must be a child, pregnant, disabled or aged to qualify. You must also make less that the current guidelines that change almost every year. Currently as of 10/2009 for disabled category you can make 674 per month for 1 person, 1011 for 2 people, plus for each additional dependent. The aged category or those over 65 the income goes up just a little above the disabled medicaid category. For children and pregnant women the criteria allows you to make more money. for a family of 1 you must make less than 2269 per month, 2 people less than 3065, 3 people less than 3861, and 4 people less than 4657 per month. call local family and social services office for follow up or download application on internet and then mail to local FSSA office.

  • cindy says:

    I am a college student and i am not employed i only have my grant money that i get alotted to me after all tuition and books are paid i am pregnant and i have no income or insurance. I will recieve around 10,000 from my student loan to live on would i be eligible for medicaid i am 20

  • Cindy says:

    My parents make a combined income of 1800.00 per month in social security but they have a $900.00 per month medicaid spend down. How can the spend down be 50% of their income?

  • Brenda says:

    Im 46yrs old and have been diagnoised with Pulminary Hypertension. Along with this Im an insulin based diabetic with hypothyroidism. With these issues Ive had 4 eye surgeries and have partial vision in both eyes. My doctors have recommended that I go in for the Bariatic surgery but I have no insurance. How can I get assistance with Medicaid so that I can be a more functioning individual?

  • Kelly says:

    If my Grandmother gets a settlement from a medical lawsuit will she lose her medacaid? If so what amount can she get and keep medicaid?

  • Ronald Ottow says:

    Heidi lost her job after a bad motorcycle accident 2 years ago and has not been able to work because of the limitations of lifting and writing with her right arm and she is right handed.
    I had a stroke October 23, 2011, have not been able to work since.
    I am completely numb on my left side ad only drawing a small pension from where I worked for 33 years. Are either of us or both able to get medicaid. Our only income is the small pension I am getting.

  • Ronald Ottow says:

    We do not have medical insurance and cannot afford to get medical insurance, we cannot afford our medications.

  • Mike Slemp says:

    I’m a Vet short of 9 days have in my 2 years so not with the new law past I cannot get help from VA. I must first prove that I am disabled and then possibly get help. I cannot work due to nerve damage in my right hand, cannot go to a regular doctor to get medical advice because I have no income. What do I do?

  • kac says:

    I was wondering I am pregnant and my husband works but I stay home with our two children. I was wondering if I could get medicaid. I was wondering what the cut off is for a family of four?

  • brandy says:

    im single with 3 children and my youngest childs dad and i live together in my house. i just recently lost my job and insurance. how do i go about counting his income when it all doesnt go towards my household? he provides insurance and 1/2 clothing expense for the child we share, as well as 300 a month towards actual household bills. so my question is do i count all of his income or what is provided as support for his child because thats basically what im receiving. i would hate to not meet qualifications for income i cant use to provide myself medical treatment

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