Mississippi Medicaid: A Look at Mississippi Medicaid Rules and Eligibility

Mississippi Medicaid aims to provide comprehensive health services to those in financial need within the state. The programs are targeted at the most at-risk groups for poor health, such as families with young children, the aged and the disabled. Medicaid is based upon financial need and offers a wide package of health services either free of charge, or at a very low cost.

Some of the health services offered by Mississippi Medicaid are:

Up to 12 visits to the doctor each year. 30 days of inpatient care at a hospital. Up to five prescription medications per month (children under 21 may get additional prescriptions by doctor request) 1 Pair of eyeglasses every five years. Various psychiatric in and outpatient care services, including long term care for mentally retarded patients under the age of 21, and both emergency and non emergency medical transportation.

Citizens eligible for State Medicare will also receive dental benefits, dialysis and chiropractic services.

All of the above services are offered free, or at minimal charge, but must be based on doctor certified medical need.

Eligibility for Medicaid is based primarily on the state of your finances. The aged (people of 65 years or older), may qualify for Medicaid if they are have a low monthly income, and the net value of their assets (including any homes or property) is also low.

Pregnant women and families will also qualify for Medicaid based on financial necessity.  The size of the family will determine the maximum monthly income level at which people will be eligible. There are numerous deductions to this income level that can be made that reflect child rearing costs (daycare etc.)

The blind and disabled will be eligible for Medicaid if it can be shown that their disability hampers their ability to provide a valid living for themselves. Health officials will evaluate the severity and likely duration of the disability when, making an evaluation of need.

To find out the specific financial requirements for your situation, and to see if you may be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits, visit your local Medicaid office and speak with the health officials there. Or visit: http://www.dom.state.ms.us/Eligibility/eligibility.html for any Medicaid related query.

The state of Mississippi is striving to provide comprehensive and quality health coverage for all people of the state, irregardless of their respective financial situations. Take advantage of the projects and health services run by the State of Mississippi, and ensure that you’re getting the best health services possible.

15 Responses to Mississippi Medicaid: A Look at Mississippi Medicaid Rules and Eligibility

  • pam raburn says:

    Trying to find a dentist in horn lake or southaven,ms. that takes

  • pam raburn says:

    Trying to find a dentist in Horn Lake or Southaven, Ms. that takes Ms. Medicaid. Thank You, Pam Raburn

  • Gwen Weathers says:

    If I marry can I still draw my medicaid benefits?

  • mildred johnson says:

    if a person is on disability can they get medicaid as well just on their income? If they are married would the spouses income have to be included?

  • nikki says:

    can you get medicade if you are single and on your own at age 21

  • Tari Matura says:

    Should Mississippi Medicaid patients receive bills for “balance due” after a hospital stay? If a patient must go into the hospital every 2-3 weeks for inpatient chemotherapy, are they responsible for paying $10.00 each night for the use “of the bed”?

    Thanks for your input and consideration.

  • concerned says:

    trying to find a dentist for my son to get a root canal in mississippi

  • Letitia Porter says:

    I am need of some help. My aunt moved here from Texas and she is coming down with a mental illness. She has no job and no health insurance. I was trying to find out if there was anyway I could help her get the medical attention she needs to relieve my grandparents of taking care of medical bills out of pocket and paid in full. My grandfather has Parkinson’s Disease and my grandmother is stretched to the max with that and I was just wondering if there was anything that she could apply for to help with the medical bills for my aunt.

  • Denny Sloan says:

    if it weren`t for part d I would be positively unable to buy my medication,the state says I draw $17.00 to much money to be on their programs! I defy ANY of them to try to live on$940.00 per mo. But it must be enough as we didn`t get a raise first time in 35 years!The state of Ms. & it`s wonderful gov. must know all,LOL $528.00 for 150 gal. of lp gas . awh shut up Denny

  • jessica says:

    i have a non emergency transportion setup for a doctors visit and was wondering could my husband ride in it to

  • Missy says:

    There is a doctor’s office called, Joe, Brady, ans Simmons of Northwest Drive, They except medicaid. Hope that helps.

  • vickie cornett says:

    My mother is temporarly in a facility for rehab that medicad is paying for. Can I take her out to lunch or to her regualr for her check up and then bring her back to the facility a few hours later?

    If not, why or if so where do it say I can?

  • Bill Young says:

    I am looking for a dentist who accepts Ms Medicaid in Olice Branch, Southaven or Horn Lake?

  • kim says:

    what weight loss products does mississippi medicaid pay for

  • Terri Bickerstaff says:

    I’m on MS medicaid A.K.A United Health. For the past 3 years I’ve been receiving Lumbar Faucets recently United Health is refusing to cover them. They claim my Dr. isn’t in their network. The problem is I can’t find a Pain Management in my area that is in their network. So I have been trying to find a supplement but have had no luck. Any ideas or suggestions? I’ve googled medicaid supplements but all I find is Medicare supplements.

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