Which Would You Choose?

We have written and discssed some o the positives involved in home health care. There are a lot of home health care agencies who make home visits – especially elderly patients and/or those who have a very difficult time getting around. These agencies do a great service and are so valuable to the people they serve. The only negative is that if a patient needs extensive care, tests, or medical care by a physician most of the home health care companies do not have physicians available, which can often result in individuals ending up in the emergency room, which is always an expensive situation. However, if there is a doctor available, much of the care – and many times, all of it – can be taken care of at home, on the spot and without causing extra stress and strain on the patient.

It used to be very common for doctors to make house calls, but expense and other factors all but eliminated. That situation has started to change in the last few years for quite a few reasons. When looking at the changes that have taken place in the past decade or more, portability has made it possible for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Which would you choose if you were elderly or disabled or both and had to keep going to the doctor? Would you rather have the doctor come to you once every 3 to 6 weeks and keep you healthier and more comfortable and, in addition have the capacity to perform most tests and procedures from the patient’s home, fax or send information by computer and receive results without the patient having to go through the difficulty, inconvenience, and sometimes, discofort of having to get to the doctor’s office.

In addition, research shows that most of the patients served in their homes stay healthier, live longer, stay out of the hospital and emergency room, and it is all because they are getting regular care. If they didn’t have regular care, studies show that they would end up seeing the doctor much less often and end up in the emergency room or hospital mor often. With changes in healthcare and with improvements in Medicare and Medicaid coverage, it is possible for many more people who need care at home to receive it.

If you are in a situation that would make it better for you to get treatment at home, checkk with Medicare, Medicaid and any other health coverage you have to see if you can receive care by a physician at home. Then talk to your physician and see if he or she proides that type of care or can recomment a colleague who makes house calls. It may take a little time finding a doctor to make house calls, but there are more and more who are willing to do so.

Once you are able to make the arrangements and get started you will likely feel much more relaxed about seeing the doctor. So, which would you choose? Look at your circumstances and see if you would rather get out of the house, see the doctor, go to the grocery store or go to lunch – which many people do, and it makes them feel better – or if it would be easier for you and more comfortable for the doctor to make a house call to you. Either way, do what you think is the best for your situation and will keep you healthy.

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