Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Screening (Pap Test and Pelvic Exam) with Medicare

It is very important for women of a certain age to be tested on a regular basis for some possible medical conditions or afflictions.  Medicare will cover the cost of many of these procedures for the women that are at risk and this is a good thing for your bank account.  The following information will help you to determine if you qualify for the testing and what is covered.

•             Medicare covers these screening tests for cervical, vaginal and breast cancers once every 24 months, or once every 12 months for women at high risk, and for women of child-bearing age who have had an exam that indicated cancer or other abnormalities in the past 3 years.  Your doctor could possibly explain all of this in better detail if you bring up your concerns about the procedures.

•             No cost to you for the Pap lab test that is needed to complete the testing that you are getting.  You do, however, pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for Pap test specimen collection, and pelvic and breast exams.  This is where the health insurance rules and regulations tend to get a little bit tricky, make sure you know what you are supposed to be charged for and what you are not.

One Response to Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Screening (Pap Test and Pelvic Exam) with Medicare

  • Doreen says:

    What is being done about fraud and medical abuses of services to bring down the cost of Medicare? We need reform, penalties and if appropriate jail time.

    Example: 60 Minutes did a segment on a terminally ill woman in her 80 and the doctors took the time and money to do a cervical and vaginal cancer screening which is wrong. Multiple cases and ring that have been caught stealing benefits for cash and charging for services not needed or rendered.

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