California Medicaid: Do You Qualify for the California Health Families Program?

Medicaid is another government run, on the state level, program that helps with medical coverage for families in need. In order to get the coverage there are several different qualifications set by each state to make sure the right people get the benefits. The California Healthy Families program provides health, dental and vision to children that otherwise don’t have access to it. Here are some of the requirements for this program.

• Children up to their 19th birthday; and
• Children in the family without employer-sponsored health insurance in the last three months; and
• Children living in California; and
• Children who are not eligible for or who are not enrolled in no-cost Medi-Cal; and
• Children who meet citizenship or immigration rules; and
• Children in families with incomes within the Healthy Families Guidelines; and
• Children born to mothers enrolled in the Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) Program, who are not enrolled in the no-cost full scope Medi-Cal Program or employer-sponsored health insurance.

If you feel like you and your family qualify for this program you need to contact your local Medicaid office to get the program started.

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