California Healthy Families Program: The Annual Eligibility Review (AER)

An annual eligibility review is required by California Medicaid to maintain your enrollment in the Healthy Families Program. The reason for this review is the department must be able to verify that you still fit the income requirements of the program. What will happen is that you will be contacted within 60 days of the review so that you can prepare the necessary paperwork to prove your income.

Once you receive the packet you will get information about what needs to be turned in and, most importantly, when it needs to be turned in. You will be asked to turn in the packet by this date and if you do not you could lose the enrollment that you have in the program. If your child or children still qualify to be on the program they will receive another 12 months of access to the program.

Your premium may change based on the income that you report to Medicaid during this review and you will be notified of the change. Once your children are all passed through again the next review date will be 12 months from the date that your last child started their current term.

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