Medicare Coverage for Mental Health Conditions

When you have Medicare coverage and suffer from a mental health condition there may be times where it seems like there is nothing you can do.  There are specific things that are and are not covered by Medicare in relation to mental health coverage and you must know the difference in order to be covered.  In addition to certain types of treatments being covered, there are also specific times when certain types of providers are covered.

Medicare assists with providing coverage to you when you visit psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants.  Even if the professional you want to see is one of these that are listed, you should still call ahead to the provider to make sure that they accept Medicare assignments before going in for treatment.

Doctors and other medical professionals are freely open with this information if you call and ask as they want patients, but even more, patients who will pay.  If you have the Medicare coverage to cover mental health evaluations you should contact a medical professional right away and see if they cover the type of treatment that you need.

2 Responses to Medicare Coverage for Mental Health Conditions

  • Megan Bird says:

    I have bad anxiety am over weight and currently moved to Indiana from Michigan already on Klonopin for my anxiety. I can’t just stop my medecine so I need to get an affordable insurance for my husband and me, especially. Any help/advice you could give would be great. We have no children.

    Sincerely, Megan M. Bird

  • larry mccaw says:

    i have a friend with a mental problem who is on medicare he is looking for a faith based councilor he lives in lees summit mo 64063 he called me asking me for help can you please assist me in giving him a direction for help

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