What is the Uniformed Services retiree program?

On October 1, 2001 the Department of Defense implemented TRICARE for Life (TFL). TRICARE for Life provides expanded medical coverage for: Medicare-eligible uniformed services retirees, including retired National Guard members and reservists; Medicare-eligible family members and widows/widowers; and certain former spouses if they were eligible for TRICARE before age 65. To be eligible for TFL you must be over 65 and have Medicare Part A and B to your coverage.

You get all Medicare-covered benefits as well as TFL-covered benefits as you would under the Original Medicare Plan if you are eligible. When you are using a provider that is Medicare based then Medicare will pay first and TFL second. All co-payments and deductibles required by Medicare will be paid by TFL as well as the costs of certain care that Medicare does not offer.

If Medicare is the only one to offer a service like chiropractic care you will be responsible for anything not paid to the provider by Medicare.

The same goes for a service provided only by TRICARE, such as certain prescription drugs, you would be responsible for anything not paid by TRICARE. Using a Medicare provider will be a big part of the amounts that TRICARE or Medicare will pay for a service.

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