Why doesn’t my new drug appear on the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder?

There are times when the frustrating points of Medicare drug prescriptions will frustrate you beyond belief.  You may want to try to quit on the entire situation because it is hard for you to find the information that you need, but you need to have your Medicare coverage.  If you are trying to find your new drug on the Medicare Prescription Drug Finder you should consider the information in this article.

What you have to remember is that the Federal Government tends to move a lot slower than everything else in the business or medical world.  This is part of the problem with the situation is that the drugs are placed in pharmacies and approved by Medicare long before the update the drug plan finder.  This is why formulary information for new drugs should be obtained by contacting the Part D plan directly. 

A plan may make a positive formulary change, such as adding an eligible Part D drug to their formulary, at any time during the plan year.  If you feel as if your prescription drugs are not on the screen and should be you should contact someone with Part D in person.  Do not get caught up in the frustration of the situation, just remember that you will be covered in your Medicare coverage, it will all work out for you and your family in the end.

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