What are the Medicare Benefits for Mental Health Care?

Mental health care has become more accepted and widely recognized as a problem for the senior population across the country.  People realize that this has become a real problem and that is why Medicare benefits are being changed on a regular basis to support mental health care.  So what can you or your loved one count on from Medicare benefits when mental health care comes in to play?

  1. Medicare Part A will help to cover the mental health care that must take place in a hospital in order to address the situation.  Your room, meals, supplies, nursing care and other related services will be covered under this policy.
  2. Medicare Part B will cover the types of mental health coverage that you would need to take place outside of a hospital.  Visits to psychologists or social workers are a part of this coverage as well are lab tests and other tests ordered by your doctors.
  3. There are times that you will be prescribed certain drugs by your doctor or medical professional to help with your mental health condition.  When this happens the coverage will provided under your Medicare Part D coverage.

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  • PsychOfficeMgr says:

    Unlike physical health, Outpatient Mental health until this year was only covered at 50% instead of 80%. Medicare is stepping down the copay amount over the next several years until it matches the 20% copay for other services. Currently (2010 & 2011) the copay is 45% of the UCR for the services rendered. Many people over the years have been unpleasantly surprised by the disparity in copays when coming in for services. Other than the higher copay, mental health services are covered fairly well by Medicare at this point. What you will see in the future, if CMS drops it’s UCR reimbursement to providers by the proposed 34% next year, is a lack of providers accepting new Medicare patients. If that takes place, you won’t be able to find a qualified Psychologist to go to.

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