Who does Medicaid Cover?

The idea of the Federal Government stepping in to help people is only right in the minds of some people while it is completely wrong in the minds of others.  Some point to welfare programs and can’t stop talking about the amount of peril it has caused our society.  Others point to these programs as a beacon of freedom and loving community.  In this vein, what is Medicaid and who does it cover?

Firstly, understand that the government offers Medicare to people who are disabled or elderly as a way of getting insurance coverage where it may not be offered otherwise.  With Medicaid the government has tried a different approach, being that you pay for an insurance plan through someone else and they help.  This is a plan that teaches ownership and accountability.

Medicaid is only offered to those who are in financial peril, likely on the brink of total poverty and this is the only answer.  Medicaid will not be offered to you just because you need help if it is not absolutely necessary.  The main way to remember the difference between Medicare and Medicaid is that one provides a complete service while the other is simply holding you upright.

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