Should I Apply for Medicaid?

This is a question that many people ask when they know that they just simply need a break.  It is very hard to overcome the struggles that await us with the costs of healthcare unless someone or some group is willing to help  There are some people who go directly to the hungry or mistreated who help and there are others that want to give time, effort and financial support as well.

One reason that you should apply for Medicaid even if you don’t know if you could get help is that you could get it for someone else.  If you house a child, either of relation or not, that does not have any insurance it is possible for Medicaid to step in.  One of the primary goals of our current administration is that all children are taken care of regardless of the situation.

Even if the kid that is currently residing with you is of no relation you should check to see if he/she is covered.  This has happened a few times before and you should provide assistance with medical bills whenever necessary.  Medicare is for people to help you find something nice, Medicaid is what will help you through the process.

2 Responses to Should I Apply for Medicaid?

  • HAL D HERBEL says:

    I Am retired from xcel energy which informs me that i have to have 65th birthday is sept of this i’m totally confused. i think i may ha ve turned it down not realizing what i was doing. please help or let me know who to call.

  • Emma Gatewood says:

    I am 62yrs. old, birthdate-05-04-1948, I do not have any medical insurance. Cobra ran out last yrs after my job at Bank of America closed. I NEED SERIOUS HELP.Canot afford the high premiun quotes that I am receiving.

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