United Healthcare Medicare Complete – Better than Regular Medicare?

Medicare, the U.S. Government’s health insurance plan, is automatically offered to most senior citizens at least 65 years old. For a younger person to be eligible for Medicare program, certain conditions need be satisfied (e.g., certain disabilities or diseases). The Medicare program is run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Medicare plan as it currently exists consist of four parts.  Part A provides hospital coverage.  Part B offers optional medical coverage.  Part C allows some Medicare recipients to receive their coverage through private insurance companies.  The prescription drug plan is implemented through Part D.

Medical Complete is the name of a Medicare alternative offered by United Healthcare Services, Inc. (UNH).  Although Medical Complete is not a new “part” of Medicare, it is approved by Medicare, and the government must approve the Medicare Complete benefits.  Additionally, United Healthcare is under contract with the federal government to provide this plan to American citizens.  The difference with the Medicare Complete plan is that it administers a member’s Medicare coverage rather than Medicare itself.

The Medicare Complete program was created in 1997 to provide health care consumers with more choices for receiving their Medicare benefits.  This is allowed through Medicare Part C, which allows private insurance companies to offer Medicare coverage.

The coverage provided by Medicare Complete was designed to meet and exceed the minimum coverage of regular Medicare.  It provides coverage at least as equivalent to Medicare Parts A and B.  Preventive care is covered, and there are annual spending limits on most out-of-pocket expenses.  Furthermore, the Medicare Complete coverage can travel with the member through the UnitedHealth Passport program.

In response to the recent addition of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, there is an equivalent Medicare Complete Rx plan.  The coverage matches that of the regular Medicare prescription plan.  Medicare Complete members may chooses a plan with or without the Medicare Complete Rx option.

Customer service is built in to the Medicare Complete program.  A toll-free line offers customer service.  Registered nurses can be consulted around the clock for medical advice.  A newsletter is published three times annually.  Medical education on certain diseases, as well as medical reminders for periodic medical treatments, are provided.

If you are tired of dealing with Medicare, want a plan with more benefits for the same price, and would welcome increased customer service, consider a Medicare Complete plan.  It appears to provide the same (or better) benefits than your current Medicare plan, with personalized care.

18 Responses to United Healthcare Medicare Complete – Better than Regular Medicare?

  • Jean L. Ozug says:

    How can I get a copy of the United Medicare Complete Plan, so I can review it and decide whether I want to sign up for it.

  • admin says:

    You could visit their website at http://www.uhc.com/contactus.htm and select your state. Contact the person it gives you and request a copy. That’s the best method.

  • Evita Llaguno says:

    If Medicare Complete is supposed to benefit you as much as (if not more than) regular Medicare, then why is it that my mother, who now needs a mastectomy, is having so much trouble dealing with United trying to get approval, when all the doctors have told us that if she had regular Medicare there would have been no problem?

  • Patricia Stinner says:

    I have AARP/United Health Care’s Medicare Complete. I have experienced this organization’s refusal to acknowledge written complaints, greviances, even refusing my legal right to disenroll ! They oversold their plan in my area…they do not have participating physicians, urgent care or even hospitals in my area. Why do they exist? I suppose it has something to do with the CEO’s inflated stock value at the end of 2007 (in excess of $250 million). I would like to know how much money Medicare has been giving this outfit, how many doctors they actually have honoring their program, and the number of enrollees that those doctors actually care for.

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  • Darren Delpezzo says:

    I would like info on medicare approved plans and doctors who participate,currently Iam on regular medicare A,B with extra help.



  • Dr. M.H.Cohen says:

    I am looking for Medical &/orDental providers listings

  • Jerry W. Bull ID# 812368673(AARP) says:

    I have been disenrolled here in Hawaii against my wishes & I have 8wks remaining in this Temp job, I just want to make sure my CA AARPMedacareComplete w/Secure Horizons is still VALID!? I will be returning back to Redding,CA Feb 1,2010 & have a new address there: 261 Newport Dr. Redding,CA 96001. Pls email or call my cell(530)276-1548cell to verify I still have this Insurance!!
    I keep calling your numbers and get routed back here to Hawaii AARP!! Also I rec’vd a letter fm your Dental folks that i owe $352.00 for premiums not paid since June. I didn’t know I missed these so will be sending a Check for that full amount this week. Thank you so much, Aloha

  • maryfaith m eisele, o.s.s.m. says:

    what comes in plan brouchure. do you folks have silver sneakers plan, medical for oral surgeons doing tmj surgery, do you folks charge a copay for the patient always going to hosp for test, and given different patient accts in order to charge pt.

  • J C says:

    If you really want to disenroll in any United medicare plan it IS YOUR RIGHT TO DO SO!! All you have to do is notify them, in writing, that you are disenrolling effective the beginning of the next month and ALSO you have to discontinue paying their fee. You can at any time go back to medicare primary, they cannot refuse you that right.

    The best way to do it, if you can afford it, is to have medicare primary and a supplemental secondary. examples would be cigna, bcbs advantage 65 etc. Unless you are in a large provider area you are wasting your money on the hmo/ppo medicare overrides. The representative will sugar coat it to make it sound awesome but the bottom lines are all the same. ALSO make sure if you do take medicare complete that you have out of network benefits. If you travel you will want to be covered if something happens outside of your network area.

    I know UHC also sources outside the US. IF you need to call them for any reason all your calls go to india!!!!! SO UHC does not support the US!!!!!!

  • John Johanns says:

    This is a good approach to what, for some, may be a controversial topic. Very well though out post. – Any given program costs more and takes longer. Attributed to Laws of Computer Programming

  • Pat Petti says:

    How do I locate United Heakthcare Medicare Complete Plan 2 (HMO)?????????????

  • Joe says:

    Received a card listing the tests that I should be getting and I have misplaced it. These tests were covered by my plan. How do I get a copy?

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  • bryce says:

    They lied to me about my doctor accepting them… So, I have to replace the doctor I’ve had for years, until I can change again… In a year.

  • Dr hatley says:

    Once you are enrolled how often is your card renewed.I have had the same card sence 2005?

  • morris gobert says:

    Looking for dental , vision and hearing care.

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