Medicare to Eliminate Cost of Living Adjustments in 2011

With all of the good news for Medicare subscribers in 2010 with changes abroad from the new Health Care Initiatives it must have felt like the clock was ticking for Medicare subscribers.  The clock was ticking its way down to the destruction of good feelings anyways, but now the Social Security Administration recently reported that there will be no cost-of-living adjustment in 2011.  What this means is that hundreds of thousands of people may not be able to afford the health care coverage that they need.

What must be done in this case is that you must find a way to use the $250 donut hole rebate check to help you make up the difference, or simply supplement your income.  As the cost of living is absent this means it will feel to your budget as if the premiums have gone up twice as much as it normally does.  Otherwise you must be able to find a creditable coverage that can take the place of your Medicare Part D and allow you to sleep almost every night.

As always, when you have problems with a particular section of the Medicare Part D coverage you will want to write a letter to your congressman.  As this is an entity of the federal government the only changes can come from the government department that controls it, the Social Security Administration.

One Response to Medicare to Eliminate Cost of Living Adjustments in 2011

  • Charles Sullivan says:

    The fact that Medicare chose not to give a cost of living raise for medicare recipients is no surprise. The cost of living raises that Medicare has given me personally in the past is a joke anyway. Medicare has the strategy of keeping its recipients just a few dollars above the limits for state assistance of medicaid, or prescription drug coverage.
    The last few “cost of living raises” I received from Medicare were 8 dollars a month and 6 dollars a month respectiveley. I dont know where the issuers of this amount live? BUT I do know that even here in Mississippi……..6 or 8 dollars a month is the most ridiculous thing I have encountered in all my years of working and receiving raises.

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