Three Scary Facts about Medicare

You hear news stories constantly about the struggling nature of Medicare and what must be done to fix it by one person or another.  What you must know is the struggles that Medicare faces in order to give yourself and your loved ones a chance to survive.  Here are three things that you may not know about Medicare that are quite scary to those who may need it.

  1. The dependency on Medicare is growing as right now roughly 40-45 million people are on Medicare, but the number will balloon to nearly 80 million as baby boomers continue to age.  This age group continues to enter the Medicare age group and this is not a pleasant thought for the damaged system.
  2. Insufficient funding plagues the Medicare process.  The number of workers or taxpayers per Medicare recipient is dropping rapidly and will almost be cut in half by 2030.  This is not good to continue to fund the beastly adventure.
  3. The Medicare system will likely be bankrupt by the year 2026.  Due to the overwhelming struggles to fund the system this appears to be inevitable.  People who need it in the coming years would be smart to think of another option should this fall through.

One Response to Three Scary Facts about Medicare

  • Mary says:

    “People who need it in the coming years would be smart to think of another option”??? “Another option, the only option if Medicare falls through, for me, is death. I will die without it.

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