Alabama Medicaid Programs Review

If you are a resident of Alabama and you cannot afford medical care or health insurance, there is a possible solution for you. Medicaid is a federal and state run program which offers health insurance to those in need. Of course, there are eligibility requirements you must meet. The Alabama Medicaid Agency is a good place to start if you are interested in applying for this type of medical coverage. In order to apply for Medicaid in the state of Alabama, you will need to meet all requirements, provide proof of your income, fill out all your forms as directed and submit them to the appropriate worker.

In the year 2005, more than 900,000 residents of Alabama qualified for Medicaid coverage. There are a variety of programs for different circumstances and needs. Families who meet low income eligibility may be qualified for Medicaid. If you receive SSI benefits, you might also qualify. Many low income pregnant women can qualify for Medicaid, which will cover their expenses not only during pregnancy but during the postpartum period as well. After the birth of your baby, he or she will also automatically be granted Medicaid coverage for a specified amount of time. Pregnant women whose family income is at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level, in addition to children under the age of six are usually always eligible.

For children between the ages of 6 and 18 who need Medicaid coverage, their family income must be up to 100 percent of the federal poverty level. Children who have received adoption assistance or foster care are also eligible for Medicaid. There are other special needs groups that may also qualify for Medicaid in Alabama as well. The best thing to do is to apply for coverage with one of the four designated groups.

You can apply through the Social Security Administration, the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Catholic Social Services or the Alabama Medicaid Agency. When you apply you will be assigned a worker who can help you with any problems and answer your questions about the program, your eligibility, and what is covered.

15 Responses to Alabama Medicaid Programs Review

  • Melissa Meriwether says:

    My nephew is 25 years old and needs a heat vlave replacement, he does not have medical insurance and lives in Walker County. How does he find out if he will qualify for federal assistance. If he does not qualify for medicaid what other services might be able to help him?

  • jane elmore says:

    my sister draws ss disability. she has been told she cannot get medicaid until she has been disabled for 2 years. However, I am finding out that in some cases (??) you can get medicare after 6 months disabled.????

  • sandra mcquagge says:

    my brother has epilepsy ,he does not have insurence and can not get a job due to this problem ,the state took his license so he can,t drive ,we live in pike county is there any federal assistance or midicaid he might qualify for he is not married and does not have children ,please help.he needs to see a doctor that can help him thay are not controled and he has 5to10 a day.

  • sandra hyde says:

    My parents fall below the poverty level and have had assistance from the state in paying part b medicare. They were notified this week the federal gov. did not fund this now and their checks will be cut $96 each monthly. They only draw @ $1100.00 together and are only barely getting by now. What are they supposed to do? They draw $6 too much to qualify for medicaid. Is there any help they can get? They can’t make it on $200 less and are not physically able to work. Please help.

  • isaiahjones says:

    i am almost at the age to my my medicaid program but have developed a helth condtion while still on medicaid can still receive health insurance if i am over the age limit???.

  • Sandy Brodeur says:

    I am on disability but initially, didn’t qualify for Medicaid due to the combination of my husband and my income. My husband is on disability also. I have an immune deficiency called Common Variable Immune deficiency. My rheutalogist said that I require invusions called Vivaglobin which are about $1000 per month which I cannot afford. The company which makes Vivaglobin said that due to the diagnosis of CVID, I should qualify for Medicaid since I will be without insurance till I get Medicare May of 2010. What information can you give me based on this information. Can I qualify for Medicaid to assist me?

  • Stephanie Weakley says:

    I am 44 years old I trying to get statrted on disability, I live with my disabled son and i have no income i have had 2 heart attacks and i have no health insurance is their possibly any insurance i qualify for. please help i am all my son has.

  • Beth Poates says:

    I have a patient who takes remodulin. She has pulmonary hypertension and lupus. She fell and broke her hip; her caregiver works. Sometimes no one is home with her for 72 hours. I tried to place her in a NH but they would not take her because of the cost of her drug. The NH said their payment for her care from Medicaid would not cover the cost of this drug and this patient’s care. The patient remained in the hospital for many days as a self pay. When she could finally go home; there are no resources to assit her caregiver in providing care. What will happen to this patient when she does not have a caregiver and nursing homes will not take her because of the cost of her drug alone. Why cant Medicaid pay for that drug separately outside of the costs of NH placement. The patient can not live without this drug. Please solve this dilema for the family and myself. Her caregiver is a parent and will not be around forever.

  • Sally Diane McGee says:

    Can they mail me an application for medicaid or where do I apply for this I live in New Hope, Al. I have a lot of medical expenses right now cervical degenrated disease had surgery on c6 and c7 costing me a fortune in copays cannot afford to pay blue cross either so i am loosing my insurance. Please help me and all the medicine I have to pay for. My e-mail is, my address is 198 Cambron Rd. New Hope, AL 35760. Thank you

  • Terri Murphy says:

    My daughter and son-in-law both have jobs, my son-in-law has a full time job and he carries the health insurance, my daughter works only part time because they have 2 children and she has to be there when they come home from school, because they can’t afford daycare. my granddaughter is fixing to start having to take gamigoblin injections, once a week. the health insurance will pay for some of the medicine but not all of it, the other part that the insurance won’t pay is about 500.00 dollars a week. is there any possible way that medicaid could pick up the difference of this medicine with them already having other insurance?

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  • carolyn j. isbell says:

    been unemployed over a year bad health 48 times to specialist this year i need help

  • Polly Clarke says:

    I have a neighbot I am very concerned about. She is 63 and is now getting 840 dollars a month by taking early Soc sec benefits.. She spends 500 of that for insurance so is trying to live on $300.00. She is currently being treated for Lymphoma. I have tried to help her get food stamps but we have been unable to get the medical iinformation from the doctor which food stamps requires for her to be evaluated. She gets chemo every three weeks and is unable to work. The only other income she has is 2000 dollars left from when she got a reverse mortgage on the house she and her siblings got when their mother died.
    She lives alone and is single. Is there any chance that she might qualify for Medicaid? Where should she go to apply if this is a possibility for her?
    Thank you for any information I can pass on to her., PollyClarke

  • Linda Morris says:

    My sister needs to see a vascular surgeon because her feet are turning black, she was told she has perifial vascular disease and she has no income nor medical insurance so therefore no doctors will see her unless she has money, I find it sad that the people in America who are citizens can’t get the help they need, Yet we send aid to other countries to help those who need help. and if you are here ILEGALLY you can get SS, Medicaid Food Stamps and welfare, Why is this happening? If there are medical clinics that are Federaly Funded then there should not be such a high amount for them to be seen.

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