Dental Providers Offer Little to Smile About

A disturbing article in the Press& Sun-Bulletin seems to echo a disturbing trend regarding Medicare and dental care providers. The Bulletin covers event in and around Binghamton, New York.

The article about the dental options told one man’s experience as follows:

…After showing up for his appointment at Wilson Dental, he was told that his Medicaid HMO dental benefit paid such low reimbursement rates that the private practice would not participate in the plan — even though the clinic was set up to serve Medicaid patients who were being denied dental treatment elsewhere.

This is such a trend that many patients have severe infections, cavities, and missing teeth. One such patient ended up in the Howard University Hospital Emergency Room. The infection got so overwhelming that the elderly woman became extremely ill and unable to over come the infection had to be hospitalized.

Dentists around the country receive such low reimbursement that many of them have stopped accepting Medicaid patients all together. At this moment there is no foreseeable solution but perhaps in this election year politicians will address the issue after the campaign is over.

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  • cassie says:

    Looking for a dentist right now that accepts mediciad. I have a 17 year old with a chip on her front tooth. At this point I don’t care how far I need to drive I just need a Dentist that accepts Mediciad that can fix a tooth.
    CMH dental has a 1 yr waiting list
    Bassett Dental in Hamilton apparently are closed today.
    Northern Catskill Dental only see kids until they are 11.
    Foxcare Dental has atleast a 6 month wait.

  • Leslie Williams says:

    Iam an elderly woman of my seventies over three years ago i had to have all of my teeth extracte3d due to impacted teeth that wer threatening a brain stroke and of which had killed my father. due to having no teeth of my own and no dentures to chew my food with my health has began to fail, mt jaws have began to hurt and feels as if they are trying to lock i am told that this is cause by the lack of exercise one gets from the ability to chew. But my stomach has als began (as of last year i ended up in the hospital for four days) to cause me great pain, and i have lost so much weighi i look like skin and bones, a person without any flesh under my skin and my health is getting worse. I have called every dentist in florida and kansas asking if they accept medicaid and medicare no one will due to these companies not paying enough for their dental services, well what good is the medicaid and medicare if the dentist and/or physicians are not going to accept them. Ifeel that Our President should either force the Madicare/Madicaid insuranse companies to pay what is necessary for their recipients to get dental, health and medical treatment or force those that are not accepting what is already offered to stop dental practice, because elderly needs teeth just as younger people and the President has stopped raising our checks therefore we cannot afford extra insurance or pay for the services we need.I do njot get but $688.00 monthly it is impossible to pay my bills rent and pay for transportation i do nt have and get busses or taxis to where the bus do not go. Then to i have to ge medicines that madicaid or medicare do9es not pay for. Why did he have to mess with our checks progressing every year, do he think we do not need the money or that we are too old and senile and crazy to notice what is happening, i assure you we see it all, we arew the cause of all younger people being here if it was not for the older people there wopuld be no younger ones, and our cost of living has not stop going up he needa to visit me and others and let us show him what we have and don”t have no bedding, no clothing to go our with no teeth no eyeglasses(i need due to detached retna) he makes more money in one minute than i get in a whole month or year. It is redicilous what we elderly are forced to accept, i know of a ederly lady sleeping in her storage because of no money to pay rent and the shelters wants pay after you been there a week.Ihave already had to raise 12 boys and 4 girls plus two od another woman”s that died i child birth all by my self because the rotten human who fought to get them said they were too big of a responsibility and walked off, a white man gave me a car we slept in that car during a cold winter while i looked for housing big enough and some one to rent to me with that many children i had been shot while living in appartments neighbors said i thought i were better than them because i kept the yard clean and shot me, i had a wire thrown in my left eye, what i am trying to say is that i have fought to raise 12 sons that uncle sam benefitted from and i raised a decent family all alone, nmow i canno even get a pair of dentures and a opair of eyeglasses that i so desperately need so dentist and physicians as well as the Preesidene and others who are cutting or not raising our checks every year need to step back ans place themselves iun our shoes or place their parents and elderly relatives in our shoes and positions and see what they would do. We did not ask to grow old, we didf not ask to be without dentures or eyeglasse\s or contract arthritis or any other sickness. Also some of the Section 8 employees are denying and terminateing elderly people they dont like from housing vouchers i have and possess witnesses and documente3d evidence of such hateful crimed and have reported it but no responses have been made. Well iu have preached enough therefore i will end this lengthy comment, all i ask is that it reaches the Presidents desk, I love him and President O”biden but they need to see and look after the elderly here in their country better than they are doing. it is fine to help other countries but this country(the UNITED STATES) elderly is suffering from the lack of medical ans dental attention services that medicaid and madicare along with the President and/or advisors are denying them, i am sorry but i have to say what is true and should rightfully be known to more people and not only to the UNITED STATES ELDERLY PEOPLE. We need help, i need help………..Thank you,

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