Critical Nursing Home Information Available through Medicare/CMS Database

Most of us think about Medicare in terms of types and amounts of plans and coverage.  Sometimes we only think about it when we are feeling ill or having to visit the doctor or hospital. 

This is not all that Medicare does.  There are many types of information that Medicare collects and Medicare provides.  One important type of information that Medicare tracks is information regarding nursing homes.  Medicare has just released information and created a database that lists the lowest quality nursing homes in the country. 

The Nursing Home Compare website now has a searchable database that gives the names the lowest 5% of nursing homes around the nation.  In addition to the database, CMS provides a monthly update showing results of nursing home inspections. 

CMS is working hard to provide Medicare recipients and others more access and easier access to information regarding nursing homes.  There are senators and congressmen who are pushing for bills to disclose even more information regarding nursing homes and the nursing home community.  This may take time, but it is an important issue and it is being looked at carefully and pushed forward.

Whether you are actually at the point where you are looking for a nursing home, or you are a relative, friend or caretaker of an individual looking for or needing one, the information that CMS/Medicare has released is essential. 

There is much more information at, including frequently asked questions with answers and links to other sites and further information.
If you are approaching retirement, already retired and on Medicare or just looking for answers about Medicare or nursing homes, take the time to explore the subject in advance.  It could certainly keep you from ending up in the wrong place in a bad situation later on.

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