What is “MIChild” in Michigan Medicaid?

Most state Medicaid programs will have special programs especially to ensure that your children have access to health insurance.  In Michigan this coverage is referred to as “MIChild” and there are some requirements that your children will have to meet to be covered.  If you have children under age 19, you may be able to get health and dental care for them through MIChild if they meet the following:

To start with the child must be under the age of 19.  At this point the question of being an adult comes in to play and children’s care is not important any more.

Have no comprehensive health insurance, including Medicaid to help with coverage for any health related issues.

Have a Social Security Number (or have applied for one) to help them be identified in the system overall.

Live in Michigan, even for a short time, as Medicaid coverage is on a state level and the right state should be paying for coverage for residents.

Be a U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant so that the federal requirements are met to subsidize the state spending.

Meet monthly family income limits to ensure that all low income children have access to the same good, beneficial coverage.

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