Michigan Medicaid: Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Mich?

Medicaid is a federal and state program available for uninsured individuals and families who cannot afford their medical expenses. Although Medicaid is a nationwide program, each state has its own eligibility requirements and rules when it comes to coverage. In Michigan, there are a variety of programs and groups that you may qualify for under the Medicaid program. For example, there is a LIF or low income family group.

Families who meet income requirements and/or who are enrolled in the Family Independence Program, or FIP, automatically qualify. There is also a Special N Support program for families who still cannot afford their medical expenses but who do not meet income eligibility requirements because of child support payments. TMA, or Transitional Medical Assistance, is for families who went from the FIP program to gainful employment but cannot yet afford insurance or medical care.

Low income adults without children may qualify for ABW which stands for the Adult Benefits Waiver or the AMP which stands for the Adult Medical Program. These adults do not qualify for Medicaid but also do not have insurance and cannot afford their expenses. There are other programs as well for elderly and disabled adults. Pregnant women are another group that often qualify for Michigan Medicaid coverage.

Healthy Kids for Pregnant Women is available to qualified applicants. This program covers a pregnant woman through the duration of her pregnancy and two months postpartum. Group 2 Pregnant Women is a program for women who make too much income for Medicaid but who still need medical assistance. There are also a variety of medical assistance programs for children also. Healthy Kids is a program for children under the age of 19 who qualify for Medicaid. There are other programs for kids whose families may make too much for traditional Medicaid but who still need medical financial help.

If you have any questions about Michigan Medicaid or would like to apply, you can visit the Michigan Department of Community Health in person or online. When you apply for coverage, you will be assigned a worker who can assist you and answer all your questions regarding eligibility requirements, verifications and coverage details.

17 Responses to Michigan Medicaid: Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Mich?

  • Terrie Morrow says:

    I am looking for a contact that I can speak with regarding insurance assistance opitions for our 26 year old daughter. She is a single gal with low income to no income. She has had a seizure disorder since birth and has previously been insured through us, her parents. As a college graduate, she no longer qualifies for insurance through us. What options does she have?

  • robert zielepuza says:

    would like to know if the application for medicaid for MATILDA ZIELEPUZA(my mother) has been receivd or is in the process

  • Carl Shokes says:


    I’m a 54-year-old male diabetic who may need bypass surgery. I am self-employed but low income, and I have no insurance. I had a heart attack about 30 months ago, and recent tests show I have a completely occluded artery and am at risk for another infarction, even though I am normal weight, exercise regularly, and follow a low-fat diet.

    I am married but have no children. I would like to apply for Medicaid if you think I would be eligible.

    Thank you,
    Carl “Doug” Shokes

  • PAT SELKE says:


  • Pete Holtrop says:

    In Michigan, how much are Medicaid recipients allowed to earn per month before they lose Medicaid? I can’t find this answer online!

  • dan geiger says:

    How does an adult over 65 on medicare, qualify for
    medicaid? Mother has no home, assets, and a life ins policy
    for $4000 payable upon death only. She has no money for nursing home costs. Does she qualify for Medicaid in Michigan?

  • theresa ann straub says:

    I was on madicaid for a year and a half. they sent me papers to update my history in october. I filled them out and sent them tom fia located on pennsylvania Rd. taylor, mi. they subsequestly lost they papers and I have filled them out AGAIN three times. I am on disability and get a check each month. I have liver cancer and pulmonary hypertension ..both are fatal deseases. I cannot get the flolan medicine i need because the fia in taylor keeps losing my papers and i cannot get flolan unless i am on medicaid.
    please someone find a way to get taylor office to put me back on medicaid. i’ve caled and gone in the office and spoken to multiple persons since october and still no results..i need medicaid desperately. someone needs to answer me .
    address – 32150 prescott rd – romulus, mi 48174 born 6/8/60
    phone# 734-753-9847 help please

  • Zara Thustra says:

    Hey Eddie? I knowd you get Medicaid and probably come here to this site to get your information. Well I couldn’t think of no other way to get in touch with you so here I am! What I mean to ask you is where the tarnation is the money I loant to you last year? I need the money Eddie! I need to get a new truck cause I burnt out the clutch in the last one that I had for about the last 10 years. At least I think its been about 10 years. Course, I been drunk so much of the last 20 years it coulda ben 15 years for all I know! What do you think? You member that old ford I had right? Well, it was a 1969 truck and that’s all I know! Hey buddy even if you don’t have no money I want you to get in touch with me again okay? I really do hope things are goin alright with your Medicaid though. I know you was havin trouble what with your gout and that anal leekidg problem you was havin. Oh my god that was funny the night you was talking about that anal leekidg. I just about laughed so hard I peed my friend. I never heard of such a thing until that one night that you brot it up and everbody lafft so hard they nearly everyone peed their pants! Ackshuly, I think that was the same night you borrowed all that money from me. Hey anyway so you get in touch with me alright? And I want everyone to know whos gotta read this that im sorry about getting in the way of the information your sharing and everything, okay. Say does anyone out there reading this have a truck you can sell realy cheap? I can pay more money if my friend eddie gets back with me but I don’t have no strong hope of that hapenin if you know what I mean.

  • will wright says:

    45 year old daugher on Social Security disability and Medicaid may inherit assets in form of house or financiial assets…does she continue to be covered on Medicaid?

  • mary bleeker says:

    How much does a 70 year old on medicare have to make to be over the limit for medicaid help. Cannot find any income limit charts anywhere. She has no assets/ life insurance and rents in low income housing.
    Also, tried to apply for medicaid and a worker called to say she’s not eligible but have not received any written confirmation of this. Was told to ask for a hearing but have to have the denial papers first and do not have them. Not sure if this worker will even send them. Do you have to have them to start the process? Aren’t they supposed to send paperwork with their decision to you to be legal?

  • Amanda says:

    The best advise to anyone that is asking if you are qualified to Medicaid or health insurance paid for by the state is to go down and apply. The most that they can do is decline your request. It may take a couple of hours in the office but then you know for sure. Take a copy of any medical bills, utilities, lease or mortgage, and three forms of id (Licence, birth cert., social security card). If you need anything else they will tell you at the Department of Human Services.

  • Laszlo Fekete says:

    I am Hungarian national who is interested in getting Medicaid stamps. I need many medicine. Such as, I need medicine for bunions on my toes and on backs of my ears. Yes, I have bunions on backs of my ears. If you can belief. I read in journal yesterday just. Bunions on backs of ears is very hard rid oneself get. They do not suppose to grow there. I have no idea how bunions got on backs of my ears. Maybe you could help me find out that. But most important think is how to get Medicaid stamps so I purchase these medications I am in need. I also am in need to know can I use these Medicaid stamps I hear of to buy beer. Yes I know. I cannot go store to buy beer with Medicaid stamps. I hear but you can use Medicaid stamps to buy bunion medicine and then change get back. When you change get back from bunion Medicaid you best buy beer. Sometimes you go pharmacy and get change a little bit. Sometimes you go to pharmacy on one section of road to another section of road and sometimes you are get enough forint to buy bad beer. Anyway I just want to more know about Medicaid stamps. I can thank you.

  • Ellen Hill says:

    What is the income allowed for a family of three to qualify for Medicaid for father, mother and child?

  • Patricia Fraley says:

    I am inquiring about my father. He is a 76 year old man living in assisted living. His money is close to running out and they want him to sign a lease for next year. He is Diabetic, has a pacemaker, stents, has had a heart attack and open heart surgery. He has recently had a stroke and his brain is being affected daily from them. He is on 4 different brain altering meds including 2 for Altheimers. His Dr.s do not want him living alone anymore. He receives $1170 per month from Medicare but pays $114.00 for a supplemental health insurance. Is he a candidate for Medicaid once his monies are depleted? I am afraid to sign the the lease which keeps his rate lower than it would be without signing. What verification will we need to apply?

  • Claudia says:

    I have been searching online for nearly 3 hours now to find what the “Living Arrangement Categories” are for State of Michigan Medicaid. A disabled young woman that I assist has lost her Medicaid because she is listed as Category “Z”. I have been unable to find out what the definition of categories “A” through “Z” are. It is very likely that she has been placed in the wrong category because she qualifies for SSI in the Federal Social Security category “A” which is clearly outlined on their website and easy to find. I wish the same could be said about the State of Michigan websites.

  • William Bendall says:

    My 63 year old wife recently fell on the steps at my sister’s lake house. She broke her left ankle severely requiring surgery.. She has two plates and twenty two screws in it. Her right foot was also broken and required one screw. Homeowner’s insurance will only pay one thousand dollars toward the bills which as of this time are not known. My wife has a blue cross/blue shield policy which I am sure will not cover the expenses. She is unable to work her part time job, and we probably cannot pay the huge bills which will soon be coming. Can Medicaid help us? Thank you.

  • Staci Shimel says:

    I am 27 years old and have 5 people total in my household 3 children 2 adults, i am the only one working making a little over $2,000/month and my boyfriend is disabled and is trying 2 get disability which he hasnt heard anything yet! But i receive foodstamps for everyone in my household due to my low income. So what i would like to know is how dont i qualify for medicaid? And why/how could or would it change to a deductible of $253/month when my income has been the same for 6 years and my bills have doubled!!!! This does NOT make any sense to me at all!!! If i am the only one with income paying all the bills plus supporting 5 people, recieving foodstamps for ALL household members on MY case how does MY medicaid get cut??????? I could really use some answers PLEASE HELP!!!! This is just un real the way this is being determined for my household!!!! I am a working mother struggling to make ends meet and this is what makes people just give up on working and supporting their families because their are drug addicts living off welfare supporting their habits off tax payers like myselfs money and dont even take care of their children that they claim on their case and recieve benefits for!!! Im just getting frustrated over this whole thing because i work everyday, pay my bills which i can barely make it check to check and take care of my family and without health insurance how am i supposed to take care of myself or my family??????!! :'(

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