California Medicaid System: A Look into the California State Medicaid Program

In California, like in every other state, the state and federal government in partnership offers Medi-Cal. For starters, the name of California’s Medicaid program is Medi-Cal. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is a health insurance program where the state and federal government participates in the funding and administration of the health insurance. This health insurance program is primarily designed for the low income individuals, families, and the disabled.

The fact that medical assistance is now getting more and more expensive, low income families with dependent children are left out of getting the best health care programs to treat various illnesses. However, with Medi-Cal, you will see that even low income families and individuals will now be able to access high quality medical care at a fraction of the cost.

Medi-Cal for the disabled and for the aged may include coverage for hospital fees, professional fees, medical supplies, prescription drugs, adult day care, long term nursing care in the beneficiary’s home, home health assistance, transportation that is medically related and many other services related to the physical and mental well-being of the patient.

Usually, Medi-Cal can cover 100 percent of the total amount of medical expenses incurred by the patient. However, there are some cases where Medi-Cal may require co-payment.

One co-payment program is when the elderly or the disabled enters nursing home for the purpose of health care. Here, there are cases where you may be required to cover some of the costs that you will accumulate in nursing homes. This is called share of cost.

This program is a part expenditures that you need to pay for your long-term care. However, Medi-Cal will usually pay off most of the expenses that you will incur. The great thing about this is that the needy individual will be able to deduct the total amount of medical expenses and will only pay a part of the medical expenses that is also considered to be affordable.

Another great thing about it is that the share of cost that you will be required to pay will vary depending on your income every month. If you have a particularly low income level, then Medi-Cal will pay more of the long term health care services that you get.

You have to remember that Medicare and Medi-Cal are different health care programs. Unlike Medi-Cal or Medicaid, Medicare is mostly funded by the federal government and it is included in the benefits that you will get on your social security. Medicare also requires monthly payments for the deductibles, premiums and it also provides you with coinsurance as part of the benefit. However, Medi-Cal or Medicaid is funded by both the state and federal government. It is not tied to your social security benefits and it will never require you to pay monthly premiums.

Medi-Cal can cover up to 100 percent of coverage on medical expenses. Adding to that, hospitals or medical professionals who accept Medi-Cal for payment will never be able to charge you with additional fees as it can on people with Medicare.

The great thing about Medicaid in California or Medi-Cal is that they allow you to have Medicare as your health insurance and still be qualified for Medi-Cal. However, you will never generally need any Medicare supplemental or a health insurance provided by a private company once you qualify for Medi-Cal. This is because Medi-Cal can cover 100 percent of all the cost you incur when you get hospitalized or you need medical attention.

These are the benefits that you can get with Medi-Cal. As you can see, Medi-Cal can definitely help you with all your medical needs. With it, you will never be burdened with the high medical cost that is continuing to rise every day.

3 Responses to California Medicaid System: A Look into the California State Medicaid Program

  • Modena Abney says:

    I filled an application on line for Medicare for lower income people. At the end of my filling this out, it gave me an Entry # of 47682753. I tried to get back to my form but there is no place I can find to do this. Please tell me what to do.

  • Ralph Boudreaux says:

    My father is receiving Social Security does he also qualify for medicaid. He is 66 years old and receives a monthly income of 600.00 a month and is homeless. Please advise

  • marilyn beidler says:

    if someone gets medi-cal in california, is it permissable for their family to pay cash for them to go to another doctor for an opinion if that doctor does not accept medi-cal.


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